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It’s all who you know. Yes, the words rang through my head like a loud gong banging over and over.  Yes, I know it’s all who you know so that’s why I am always out there meeting new people. Over the last few weeks I have managed to meet not one, but TWO published authors. I am so thrilled that Marcia Reece is my new client AND she is going to mentor me for my new book that she inspired me to write.  Yesterday she suggested a book that I read. It’s a book on how to write a book that sells you. If you are interested in it, you can find it on Amazon. This one is different. It contains FOUR blueprints for a bestseller.  One of the things the author suggests is to interview all of your characters in your book. How do you know what they are like if you have never done this exercise? I thought it was a great idea and when I get to a fiction character I would probably do that.  Actually, one of my books has me as the hero, so it might be a fun little activity to actually interview myself like it was for a magazine spread or something.


Marcia Reece came to Mile Hi Church and spoke about her invention of “Sidewalk 51swtfjtxXL._AA320_QL65_Chalk”. She also went on to tell us how she published a relationship book that became an Amazon best seller. I have never been so captivated as I was listening to Marcia. Using clever marketing tactics she managed to get her book in the spotlight through traditional marketing methods, press releases. We quickly became friends and before she was my client I noticed her Facebook banner was pixelated and distorted. I found her Marriage Mouse graphic she had used (drawn by the Disney Princess artist) and created a new banner for her as a token of my appreciation. She said I am amazing!  I loved it. I got a compliment from someone who really thought well of me. I just knew we were on the way to a fantastic voyage.  Of course I told her the title of my book idea, and right off the bat she was intrigued and interested. That was definitely a good sign.


Another thing I learned is that while I am excited to talk about my new book, title, idea, target market with everyone, it’s probably not a good idea. I mean, what if someone heard about my idea/title/concept and stole it from me before I could get it copyrighted and published? Don’t talk about your book, write it. I have many book ideas running around in my head, and thankfully because of the advent of technology they are all being stored safely on the “cloud”.


Anyone can write a book. Anyone can publish an Amazon kindle book. Writing a good book that has a specific audience who wants to read what you have written may be more of a challenge. Fortunately for me I have had numerous parties tell me that I am a good writer.  I have been encouraged in the past to write a books, I just never had the right guidance.