You're an Angel

I’m not really sure why,  but Angels have been on my mind. Yes, the kind that are in a biblical sense, with wings and halos. So this week I was prompted to pick up a book that I’ve had in the house for probably a decade. It actually was not my book but it was a friend’s book and for some reason I would pick it up and read a few chapters in and put down and walk away. Something told me to continue to want to read this book and so many times I dismissed it for something else that was more important to do. The book was written by a psychic medium who has the gift to see and hear spiritual entities who have passed on. It’s a great little collection of stories and many of the stories will put you into your to tears about the tragic and sometimes horrific tragedies that happen.


A lot of the things that I read in the book, are things that are already knew. I did discover some new and interesting information. As I suspected many people who pass over and go to heaven continually look for angels with wings and halos.  I personally believe that what many people encounter more experience as an angel event is actually the throat chakra opening, allowing the individual to see auras. The thing with what is called an angel, many people misinterpret the angel or energy wings as an energy field it is usually cast wide and large.


It’s actually kind of funny, now that I think about my past and how many times I have had someone either close or distant tell me that they thought I was an angel. Perhaps it is my do-gooder nature, or  the innocent of my being, but whatever it is, there are some people who can actually see the light that burns brightly in my heart chakra. Children and animals are always attracted to the light. Just this week my new employer told me that she thought I was an angel. She had some difficulty with prior developers, no big surprise, and is completely amazed by the speed and level of competency that I have. I thought about that for a little while, and went into meditation and asked my spiritual guides if it was possible that one of my guide is one of her guides. Of course the answer was an obvious yes that is correct.


Every day I sit in countless hours of silent meditation, pondering and contemplating the many aspects of this thing we call life.; often times engaging in conversations with my invisible guides. It’s sort of helps knowing you are talking out your problem your “imaginary friends”, that there can actually be some results that transpire because of it. One of the really cool things I learned in this book, “Talking with Heaven”, is that your guides, many times is actually a loved one who has passed on, and he/she will continue to provide you with gifts. Some of these gifts may materialize as actual monetary words such as money or other times it might be something simple as providing a beautiful day of sunshine and happiness on your special day. Or maybe it’s that “lucky break” meeting the right person at the right time. I used always believed that there was no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t understand it at the time.


While I am eternally grateful for the wonderful family that adopted me when I was orphaned with my twin brother, I am forever grateful that the beings I call “Mom & Dad” who loved me so much, to give me to a loving family before they were killed.  It wasn’t really until recently that I gave much thought to the guidance and “lucky breaks” came from Mom & Dad.  Seriously, that 3rd DUI pullover was really testing their powers. Have you ever heard of someone getting out of 3 DUI’s?  Yep, that’s me. I have come to find that it really does help when you shout out loud “A little help here please?” does actually work.  Crazy as it sounds, every time I am searching for a parking place I chant out “Holy Mother full of grace, help me find my parking space.” Guess what? It always works. Otherwise I would still be driving around right?  By the way, my Mom taught me that one.


So after sitting in meditation for the past few days I have come to realize, from my perspective having an individual call me an angel as one of the biggest compliment I could possibly receive. For in my mind, an angel is a highly spiritual being, brought to this universe to help, aid, guide, and heal the world. There are many ways that we can heal the world, and having a positive outlook and attitude on how you can directly impact it for the better is one way.


I have decided I am definitely an “Earth Angel”. I’ve been called that my whole life, it’s about time that I started acting on it.  Btw, the new movie “Heaven is for real” opens today in select cities.  Yes, Denver is one of them.  There is a NY Times best seller that was rewritten for the movie, adding an additional 50 pages. You can download it from Amazon for your Kindle.  I am going to see it this afternoon.  Expect a movie review in the very near future.

Today is the BEST day of my life! #GodisGreat

Yes, I have said it once and I will say it again. “Today is the best day of my life.”  Last week I started out my day announcing to the Universe that it was the best day. It hadn’t really started yet, but I decided it was a great way to start the day and such a powerful affirmation to the Universe certainly would have positive results. I really think it has something to do with sending out those positive vibrations, knowing that it will have a ripple effect.


It’s kind of amazing the responses you get when you tell people it’s the best day ever. First off, they want to know WHY is it so great, and what is so special about today versus any other day?  I personally like to start by counting my blessings, usually with the first thing that is on my mind.  I am always so grateful for perfect health.  That is something everyone can have if they choose correctly. Some people might argue that they didn’t choose a life threatening disease, like Cancer.  They say this as I watch them guzzle things like high fructose corn syrup and aspartame.  Yeah, God made that, it’s perfectly healthy for you.  Poison is poison. #NO2GMO


You know it’s not uncommon at all for people to live a life of self deprecating misery.  Their negativity and thoughts create a harsh reality. “I’m tired. I’m poor. I’m sick.” Did those people ever once jump out of bed and say “GOOD MORNING GOD!” I bet not.  How about this one, “God, I love you. Thank you for always being there for me, and always being such a great listener.”


So I have been trying this whole new affirmation thing every day, for about a week now. So far, things have just been terrific. I love living a life of no stress or worry. Pain free, … because I choose so.  You know, the body has the power to heal itself, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


So I challenge you, to start your day off with the best possible affirmation you can and just see what happens. Repeat daily until you believe it.

I Sing Because I'm Happy #happygolucky #sisteract

Everyone should have a “happy song”. You know, the song that automatically starts playing in the soundtrack of your life when something awesome and amazing happens.  Yes, I know some people are not musically inclined so they may not “get” it.  That’s okay, you have an mp3 player or a smart phone, so you can play along. Literally.  There are a few songs out there that always are there for me to choose from.  A lot of my friends know that I like to make an entrance.  Actually I like walking into a room and bust out singing. I have to say when you have a distinctive voice people know it a mile away.


Maybe it’s divine spirit working through me. Maybe it’s that I am always just amazed at the sounds my vocal chords can make. I actually am a baritone/bass, but I sing tenor. I have am amazing range, so I have been told. Anyway, one of my all time favorite happy songs is “Eye on the Sparrow”, which was popularized by the movie Sister Act 2, and also “Oh Happy Day”.  I have also heard that the music you listen to on a daily basis has a direct impact on your overall well being.  Listening to gospel music or music with a spiritual undertone can significantly improve you mental attitude.  If I haven’t mentioned it before, if you use Pandora Radio, you can stream soft meditation music all day long. Just make a “Reiki” channel and you will hear soft flutes, chimes and bells that will quickly put you in that state.  Music and sound are energy. Like all energy it can be charged with positive or negative vibrations.


So I just wanted to share that Easter is coming soon. For you Catholics out there, I am sure you are very well aware of it. For the non-Catholics God worshiping children it might not be such a big deal.  You can eat meat whenever you want to, and not because the pope told you not eat it.   If you are cut from the same bolt of cloth as me then you “might” just want to come to Mile Hi Church on April 20th for our glorious performance, at the 6 am, 8 am, 10 am, or noon service.  The choir will be performing “Joyful, Joyful” from Sister Act 2. It should be a lot of fun.  Christmas and Easter tend to be the biggest turn out for non-church folk to venture out and enter the house of the Lord.  So expect that there will be a LOT of peeps out on Easter, and I don’t mean the marshmallow chicken.  And if I am not mistaken, there is no streaming service for Easter.  Darn, gotta get out of bed and be thankful that God sacrificed his son for man so that we may life a life of freedom.


“I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m FREE. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he watches me.”

What is #Spirituality? #icandoit2014

Embodying Spirit: The New Brain Science of Compassion and Wellbeing

What is Spirituality?


“Positive Emotions, Spirituality, and the Practice of Psychiatry”
Mens Sana Monograph 2008; 6:45-62, George Valiant, M.D.


“… eight positive emotions: awe, love (attachment), trust (faith), compassion, gratitude, forgiveness, joy and hope constitute what we mean by spirituality. These emotions have been grossly ignored by psychiatry … Spirituality is not about ideas, sacred texts and theology; rather, spirituality is all about emotion and social connection … Our whole concept of psychotherapy might change if clinicians set about enhancing positive emotions rather than focusing only on negative emotions.”


Saturday’s keynote speaker was Dr. Joan Borysenko.  While I originally didn’t think I was going to like this talk, I found myself immersed in her extensive knowledge of the brain.  Believe it or not, the talk was something like “The Goddess Within”.  After listening to her, and reading over this definition by Dr. Valiant it certainly gives a different spin on what I thought was spirituality.

Mile Hi Church Choir

Why am I in the Church Choir? What does it mean to me?
What keeps me coming back?

Mile Hi Church has been my spiritual home since 1996.  Over the course of the last two decades I have made some wonderful friendships.  This past year a new client of mine and I were having coffee and we were talking about the church. She mentioned she was in the choir and my heart just opened up as I felt a sudden connection to my new singing client.  I was almost giddy as I talked about my past days of singing and dancing in the swing choir, singing the national anthem for volleyball, and how I loved to sing karaoke but lacked talented partners. She mentioned they were short on strong tenors and that she would talk to the choir director and see if there was any way they could let me audition, despite the fact that auditions were months ago. I smiled and said that would be wonderful. I would do a treatment immediately.  Divine spirit was with me as I was accepted into the choir with open hearts and arms.  Every Thursday we rehearse in the sanctuary and every Thursday I am greeted with love.  I knew that this group was my new family of friends.


It is important to be a part of a community of like minded individuals. One of the ways to improve yourself is to surround yourself with supportive, loving individuals & friends. I am a spiritual magnet who is attracting or repelling all of the time. The friends at Mile Hi Church are attracted to my energy and I love sharing it with them.  My personal goal in life is to positively affect everyone’s live I touch.  If I can do that through the gift of song, more power to me.  In a deep meditation one of my spiritual guides told me that singing has the power to heal and activated my throat chakra. My puppy was hit by a car a few months ago and almost died.  I was told to sing to her every day. So I did and now she is happy, healthy and alive. So I thought if this singing could heal my dog then it could certainly work on people.  Interestingly enough, I actually have heard members of the congregation say they have felt healed after hearing the choir perform.


This was an assignment from my choir director.  As a writer I decided to write a blog ( to share it with all my friends.  I am sure there are some people who are wondering why all of the sudden I am singing in the choir.

Divine Intervention

I fully believe in Divine Intervention.  You can use whatever terminology makes you feel most comfortable.  Some people like to say “guides”, or spirit, or angels, intuition, third eye, sixth sense, crown chakra, but whatever you want to call it, you know that it is something outside your own consciousness that brought it to your awareness.


With vehicles in technology, I think it is even easier for that divine intervention to get messages to you. So, this weekend divine intervention felt I needed to read “The Jesus Code” by John Randolph Price.   I know what you are thinking (I’m psychic remember), Jesus really?  Is Aaron that religious?  No, I am not. But it was $4.99 on my Kindle and I honestly can say I didn’t pay that close attention in Sunday School. So I don’t have a lot to say on the man myself, and I thought this might be divine interventions way of kindly pointing me in the right direction.


This blog today is not even really about the man Jesus, but instead it is taking the message intended for me and sharing it with countless more. Universe knows that I am a great advocate to advertise and market whatever message it feels needs to go out. I am also currently the editor for a weekly newsletter that goes out to thousands of business professionals. Yeah, that is pretty cool, not including other avenues I communicate.  And of course, through who?  I tell people all the time that they may only be the messenger. I am continually amazed at the hundreds of individuals who hang onto my every word and repeat when necessary … in their mind, out loud, sharing with others.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone saying something and I think “Those are my words. That is my story.” So I do hope that many people will read this blog and share the same story.


The timing could not come at a better moment, it is almost Easter. All about Jesus. This book, talks about “The Christ”. It means pre-Christian and came from Plato’s Christos, meaning “the True Self of Everyone”.  Well, when you put it that way, it sure does give a different meaning to it. That came right from the book. The basic premise of the book is, “I am as Jesus.”


So I have been reading and re-reading different parts of the book. And it is amazing.  It is better than Spiritual Economics (which btw, I really like). My interpretation of the book is more of a clarity of mind, consciousness, and who you really are.  Here is one of my favorite passages, and I will soon have it memorized:


God IS.  God is the one universal Presence and Power, the Cosmic Heart of Love, expressing as all that is good, true, and beautiful in life. I am that Expression.

I and the Spirit of God are one and the same. I am God being me, and God loves Itself as me.



I AM conscious.

I AM consciously aware.

I AM consciously aware of the presence of God. 

I AM consciously aware of the presence of God I AM.

I AM consciously aware of the presence of God I AM as me.

I now listen and hear the Voice of Truth speak from the stillness within.

I haven’t gotten through the whole book.  It is one that you will want to contemplate and think on.  I have.  Universe/God talks to us in a variety of ways.  Who knows, perhaps this is actually God’s message for someone and I am just the vessel banging away on the keyboard?

Prosperity Bible ISBN 978-1-58542-614-0

I sat down to just glance at what I had bought and I immediately became in tune with this new tool that the Universe has given me. It really IS NINETEEN books in one book. For a total of 1272 pages. The first book of the Bible is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, 1937. I have to say I have never read it but I am really getting into it.  And all 19 books for twenty bucks.  Wow.  And it was the only one on the shelf. I was amazed at such a deal. All this wealth of knowledge for so little money.  The Universe was glaring at me for not instantly snatching it up and buying it. I was drawn to that book, the same strong impulse that drew me to my other bible, the 365 Science of Mind that I read daily. I felt a vibration when I touched the book, and I knew there were a plethora of secrets that I was going to uncover.

If you are looking for some self mastery of your life, then I might suggest dropping twenty bucks and pick up a copy.