Yo! I just updated this blog!

Hey guys — and gals, welcome to my other personal blog. This one was imported from a prior blog and I was using my author blog for the majority of my writing. This morning when I went to open up my website I found myself unable due to technical difficulties. Then I heard a voice and it said to come to this site and write. This one isn’t that bad and it is hosted on WordPress.com. So it lacks a lot of customization and different functionality, but you are here for the content, not the fancy site right? So if you are a fan, follower, reader, or long time friend, … my blogs/writings are entertaining content and I continue to put smiles around the world.

So if you take a look at this site it literally has been years since I have updated or written anything on this site, so what the heck right? Here is an updated picture of me, I pulled off my phone. It was taken this year so it is current. If you don’t follow my Instagram then I’ll share with you that I have grown my hair out so that I wear it in a man bun under my visor. I just turned 49 in July and I have taken an interest in beauty products. Hopefully with the ultimate goal of looking good. Maybe you know someone who needs some health and beauty tips, or maybe you are just bored and need some new entertainment. I’ve been writing for several decades in a variety of different mediums. In case you didn’t know, I have a master’s degree in business administration with a focus in human resources. I also have a business marketing degree and like 30 years experience. I found in my years of work, working with people, customers, coworkers and supervisors, … the corporate world wasn’t that great. When I was a teacher at an online college, it was all a numbers game. It was hard to really get to know students and to significantly impact someone in ten weeks can be challenging. So anyway, some people like me for my ideas, some like my for my thoughts, and others like me for my stories. In theory, if any of my fans have subscribed to my site through WordPress, then I don’t even have to tell anyone, and this post will just show up in a bunch of readers. I kind of like this new format, layout and font so I think I will start producing some new content on this site. It is free after all. As far as I know it doesn’t lock me out or go down. A lot of my friends who read my blog tell me that they can actually hear my voice as they read it. If you have never heard my voice you can actually search my podcast on Amazon music or Spotify. I did a couple of podcasts and I plan to do more. I think it is on iTunes as well. Crazy how easy it is to produce and market a podcast. I will be sure to produce more in the near future.

I also updated the menu on this site and if you haven’t checked out my author site/blog, that is where the last few years or so of my writings have lived. https://aaronmstephens.com/blog There is hundreds of hours of reading material on that site. Check it out and I’ll be writing more here soon. The color block backgrounds are fun too.

New WordPress Websites – A2A

Hello Friends!  Once again I apologize in advance for what seems to be a long hiatus from writing on the blog. The truth be told, I have been in this blog almost everyday repairing and fixing it. As much as I hate to say it, the really expensive fancy theme I had been using just wasn’t working for me anymore. Sure it was really cool and could do a lot of really cool stuff, but it got in the way of what a blog is intended, and that is just writing. I also admit I have been revisiting some of the articles/blogs written many years ago. Evidently angels had been visiting me for many years, but chose not to identify themselves. That’s okay, I know now.


For some of my longtime readers, you may notice that some of the blog entries are gone. Yes, I had to restore this site from an older backup. So those thoughts are gone and lost forever. So I have defaulted back to my all time favorite theme, which allows me total freedom, background customization, font freedom, and of course some really cool parallax technology every now and then. I actually love this theme and I have used it on almost all of my websites. The cool thing is even though they are different sites, they all look like different themes. One thing in common is most of them are long scrolling sites. I have deleted and recreated so many WordPress sites now I can do it in my sleep. After awhile things become so automatic I perform tasks so effortlessly that take others hours to complete. I literally can create a new, full functioning website, WITH high security pre-installed, in less than an hour. There actually is a lot to know about website security that I have unfortunately had to discover due to multiple attacks on many of my websites. After I became semi-famous I naturally became a target. It is amazing the number of attacks my site receives daily. I had to hide my login page so only I know the secret backdoor.


When I rebooted this site, I changed the landing/home page to a very short one page. Rather than assigning the pictures that previously were attached to posts I created a very cool graphic slider. It actually is the same slider I use on all my sites, but it just scrolls through pictures. I actually wanted my page to be slightly entertaining when someone landed on it. After the reader goes through some of the blogs, the pictures will begin to decipher themselves.
In addition to fixing/recreating this site, I also creating another site that is strictly lyrics of songs I like to sing. On the menu of this site you can just go to “Songs” and a new window will open.  A long time ago I registered the domain “accordingtoaaron.com” not really knowing what I wanted to do with it. Since it was technically a brand-new never used domain it was safe from any hacker attacks and was on the clean website list. This website actually was safe, but rather than risk any hidden backdoors or scripts I deleted everything off my VPS and started clean. Change is a good thing.


So the new site gave me a lot of freedom to just have fun. A lot of people know I am a singer and some people wonder what songs I sing. If you are ever in my company you might actually hear me bust out a song or two. So if you check out the site you’ll start to know some of the songs I have in my musical radio head … playing when I want. When the music sucks, I just sing something I like better. I have the most amazing range for a singer. I can technically sing bass – baritone, and all the way up to tenor 1 & 2, and some alto 2 chords. If you ever take a walk with me, many times in the silence I will start singing. I actually like to sing a lot of country songs. I realized that after I had quite a few songs on the site there wasn’t any navigation for me, or anyone else to go back to a song again. So I created a menu … a very long menu.


I didn’t think anyone would actually visit the site, but shortly after it went online it received hits from around the world. The only place it is listed is on this site. I looked at some of my other sites and thought if I wanted to add it, but ultimately decided against it. I don’t do any active promoting of my personal blog or the new site anywhere. My other sites have all kinds of marketing efforts staged promoting the site and Facebook pages. Many people wonder how I continue to get likes for my two main pages on Facebook without doing active or passive postings. Simple, I have over a dozen sites that are actively promoting both of the pages.
Ultimately my goal is to get new readers to angel.academy, where they will be drawn into a very seductive parallax site. That particular site is unlike any other site I have done as I actually used portions of the book to create the site. A lot of questions that readers had while I was creating the book are actually incorporated into the site. It is a very colorful site with a lot of cool artwork. One piece I actually used from an artist I found on DeviantArt. It is the piece listing the book launch dates and links to buy the book. On that site and my author site I made it very simple for readers to purchase my book.


One of the things that made me so successful was that I used so many platforms. Goodreads still continues to introduce new readers to the book simply due to the number of readers who have added the book to one of their “To Read” shelf. If you check out the other sites that I have in my portfolio you will also see some sponsoring that Angel Academy did to get new readers/fans. Those sites have a different audience that still appeal to angels and the cute cartoon Disney-like characters that point readers back to the site. I would say that most of my social media platforms point people back to AaronMstephens.com, which then points readers to the book. I would say that I do get a lot of hits from the Facebook page for the book. One thing I recommend for authors to do is have a “pinned post” with a short catchy intro and list all the electronic versions and paperback outlets. Trust me when I say this works. There really are a lot of people who watch what I do and imitate it best they can. I used to pay attention to how many people liked me or my book page on Facebook. After awhile it wasn’t so important. It wasn’t the reason I had either page. Both pages were created for angels to use; to attract new readers. I haven’t been too active on social media. The only vehicle I use on a semi-regular basis is Instagram. Probably because it is super simple. Take a picture, give it a catchy hashtag and click the button to post on Facebook.


Since I am a chef, I like to take pictures of food. I also like to use my own Instagram page to remind me of fun things to eat, prepare, go out for dinner, … you get the idea.I really don’t follow very many people as I don’t spend anytime reading other people’s pictures very often. One thing is for certain, and that is people still like to read. This blog is now “fixed” and is much easier to read. I doubt I will have time to add pictures to past entries. New blogs moving forward should have a cool picture as a background. If readers had previously subscribed to this site, unfortunately, they will no longer get updates. I don’t fully trust Jetpack, which was the plugin previously used to notify readers. That also means that new blogs will no longer automatically publish to other social media platforms. Sorry, but after the last few hacker attacks I can’t take the risk.


You might notice that this site and A2A use some of the same graphics. I wanted both sites to have a similar look and feel. You will notice that in both logos I used the same font for my name, giving it and me a cool branding.  Of course I created both in PhotoShop. My brother initially taught me how to use PhotoShop, and then I bought the “Down & Dirty” books that taught me all I needed to know to look like an advanced graphic designer. All I had to do was watch my brother work and I absorbed the information to do it again. Unlike other people, when I want, my eyes record what they are seeing for future recall.


So for now that is the latest update. Fans, friends and family are wondering what is going on with me. Book projects are on the back-burner as I finish up websites for clients. And as you can tell, writing on my blog is not top of the list … until now. If you are new to the site, … kick back and enjoy reading some of my thoughts. Some of the blogs are literally directly from angels/God/guides. They are listening. Are you?

Fruits & Vegetables

Once upon a time I was a very bad eater. I didn’t drink water and I was unhealthy. Back in the 90’s I thought taking an Advil for a headache was normal and did it daily.  At that point in my life I didn’t have a lot of positive influences or role models. I did however have one friend who really cared about me and she taught me about muscle testing and alternative methods of healing, through herbs and nutrition. It turned out there were a lot of things my body was missing, so I started taking spirulina and amazingly I started having more energy. My headaches also went away. I didn’t ask what it was, I trusted my friend. She later told me that my body was missing some necessary “greens”.


Years later and I am taking dozens of herbs and pills daily. It was starting to get expensive. I felt like one of those old geriatric patients who have to eat dozens of drugs. Someone actually asked me once if I had a condition. I would laugh and say “Yes, it’s called living.”  Then one day I met a guy who took this stuff called Juice Plus. He, too, saw how many pills I took and asked what they were all were used for. I explained them all and then he told me I could take two pills in the morning and night and that was it. The interesting thing is, at that point in my life I was very active in the clubs and drinking and partying. One night I decided to take some Juice Plus before I went to the club. I drank all night long. When I got home I took 2 more Juice Plus and a glass of water. The next morning there was no hangover. I felt great. I took two more Juice Plus. This stuff was like magic.  Over the years my partying continued and I kept my secret energy power pills to myself. I know that these were not designed for this purpose. Of course I eat healthy now … but it certainly can’t hurt to have an extra dosage of nutrient dense energy coursing through your veins.


So if you are interested and want to try some, go to: www.17fnv.com. That is my site.

Role Models

Who is your role model?

We grow up in life admiring or looking up to someone. That person has certain traits and characteristics that you desire. It might be a personality trait, it might be an attitude toward life, but whatever it is, there is something very special about that person. What do you do when that person, such as a parent, is a let down? You look for a new role model.



So I personally looked at all the people who were an influence in my life and who helped shape and mold me into the person I am today. I would like to say that I had very strong role models in my life. Alas, like many starry-eyed kids who are full of hope and wonder, I had to create my own hero. I turned to comic books and fantasy fiction and I would disappear into worlds I can’t begin to describe. When I discovered these imaginary heroes each of them had something that made them unique. Like, Superman always tells the truth. Nice.



So if you are new to my personal blog, you might have noticed that I haven’t updated it in a while. The reason for that is … I have too many blogs and I am always busy writing somewhere. My author website/blog AaronMstephens.com is where you will find the majority of my writing for the past year. That website is more educational and informative, usually with me teaching something to someone. This website/blog is more motivating and inspirational. I can get lost reading the things I wrote. Many times I do not even recall writing it; it is as if I was a scribe for someone/thing else.



At any rate, this is more of a fun blog; at least I think so. I tend to rattle on about all kinds of things. Usually dealing with being a better contributor to society in one fashion or another. Believe it or not, I have a lot of followers who like to read what I write. So I think it is always a good idea to contribute an idea or something that will have positive results; even if it is to just one person.



So what quality in a role model do you feel is important? Is that why you admire that person? I personally am all about the heart and soul. What is your heart and soul doing for the greater good? I look at intention. Words have power. My words have power. It is so easy to share a compliment to a complete stranger and watch as their face lights up with a smile. Super simple and believe me, it has power. Your words have power. Choose them wisely.



Many people are wondering what is up with me? I haven’t been too vocal lately and it is mostly due to work. In addition to being a writer/author, I am also a webmaster. It keeps me really busy. I am working on a new venture in the publishing industry. I can’t say too much about it right now, but it will launch officially on AaronMstephens.com. I also have recently purchased a Fitbit bracelet/watch. It is a super fancy pedometer/watch. Check it out if you are curious.



I will say that due to the Fitbit I now am conscious of how much I exercise, walk and work out. I run/walk at least 7 miles a day. I really love it. Plus, I have a bunch of friends who have one also. I already wrote about it so I won’t go into it. I can say it was the best investment I could have ever made, literally. My life depends on being fit and healthy.



If you have been a long-time reader then you know my puppies were both in critical condition. One being hit by a car and the other attacked by a coyote. It was very traumatic, but thankfully, with the power of the angels they were both healed and now can walk and run just fine. If you are a new reader, they are two little miniature pinchers (min pins).



I Innovate. Think different. Be Awesome.

My Family Reunion – Grandma's Funeral

For many of the younger years of my life, Lucille Gilster, was one of my parents. My mom was a single parent with three little children. No education, no money, but a burning desire to succeed my mom, became the shining role model that one day influenced her to change the world for the better.


Grandma took on the role of raising another family, quickly becoming an authority in my life. I remember living in her basement, sleeping on the floor with my twin brother and sister as my mom slept on the fold out couch. It wasn’t forever, but when you are in the 4th grade it seems like an eternity. It is a memory I will never forget. Grandma continued to make us dinners, take us to school, pick us up, and she would even tuck us in bed at night when mom could only get overnight shifts at the hospital.  All through high school and even into college Grandma was always baking rolls, roasting or sauteing something for us. She shared with me her famous chicken and dumpling recipe and her baked bread recipe. Yes her legacy will live on.


As a writer, and a tribute to her, I felt I should honor her by writing about her last experience with myself.


It was a cold bitter December morning as I sat quietly drinking my tea. I waited for the call. I wrapped another blanket around me. I looked over and my phone lit up. It was my mom. “Hello?” I said in my deep morning baritone voice.


“Hi Aaron, I’m with grandma right now holding her hand. I think this is really it.” she said through the sobbing tears. I already knew that today was the day. Angels had visited me during the night and I could sense and feel a change in the vibrational frequencies around me.


I replied back, “I’m sorry mom. I will be holding you in consciousness. I love you.”  She said, “Thank you honey, I will let you know as soon as …” she trailed off not really finishing her sad sentence.  I heard a click and the phone went silent.


I sat in silence for about an hour. Tears streamed down my face and fell onto my blanket. I didn’t bother to wipe them away, as more would just take their place.  My cup of tea was now cold and my computer had shut off due to inactivity. The silence was finally broken as my phone buzzed. It was my sister in law, Cassie. She called to say that Grandma passed away at 11:00 a.m. central time and mom was on the phone talking to one of her sisters. I said thank you and hung up the phone.


Christmas Eve candlelight services were that night and I had five performances that I needed to get through. My heart chakra and my throat chakra hurt, as rapid bursts of emotion interacted with them. I just didn’t know how on earth I could be in front of thousands of people and pretend to be happy. The thought of that was just so overwhelming. So I just sat there and cried. I reached for my glasses as my contact lenses literally fell out of my eyes with my tears.


Eventually I stopped crying and when I did the room was filled with angels. A warm feeling filled my heart and the room and I felt a sense of peace. A messenger came me letting me know that Grandma was happy and I needed to pull myself together, there was a show that I had to be a part of.  My light was burning bright.


I reached out to some of my friends and their love, support and prayers lifted me to a higher level. Somehow I made it though two very long days. The drive back to Nebraska was even longer. It was cold and freezing. The day of the funeral it was raining sleet/ice/snow. I wore my ski gear so I wasn’t so cold; I am used to freezing cold weather skiing.  My Texas relatives were just a wee bit colder.


The funeral at the church was interesting. For one, the soloist couldn’t make it, so everyone was to sing the songs together.  Imagine my surprise when I started belting out “Amazing Grace” and no one else was singing with me but sort of mumbling along with the piano. I didn’t let that affect my singing and actually sang stronger. I sort of chuckled to myself as my baritone tenor voice echoed through the church. I loved it. I didn’t know the second song, and I didn’t have any sheet music so I sat silently as the piano played with no one singing. My twin brother said he liked listening to me sing and forgot I sang in the choir. He was among many who were disappointed I didn’t know the second song.


Grandma had one final request and that was that all of the grandchildren were pall barer. Myself, Nate, Johna, Matt, Rita, Chadd and Ross were all able to fulfill her dying request. Kendall and Kurt were unable to make it to the funeral. Kendall is an Emergency Department physician and couldn’t leave and Kurt lives in California and could not get a flight due to Christmas travelers.


After standing in the freezing snow for about 30 minutes the grave site burial was over. The casket didn’t go into the ground while we were there. There was probably about 50 people that showed up that cold day. The family all made their way into town, Paxton, the closest town to the farm where Grandma and her daughters spent many years of their lives. We convened at a restaurant called Ole’s, which had been there for generations.


Mom or someone had called ahead and informed the restaurant that the funeral was that day and the family would be coming for a last meal together. They had the back banquet room set up for us. Naturally most families sat with each other. For many it was the first time seeing all these people and wondering how are we all related. We had one common thread and that was Grandma. I wondered if this now large group of family members would ever get together again. Perhaps I could put something together in a couple of years. I’m pretty good at arranging events.


It was a very quick trip. Funerals are a sad but memorable event especially for those who live on. Grandma was 91 years of age. She would have been 92 this month. Her last years of life were painful and made a mockery of her very much alive mind. Her body failed like millions of people. Eventually she just closed her eyes and her last breath of air slowly left her dying body. I give thanks that she is finally free from a prison without walls. As the Asian Angel Author I know (not think), KNOW that what she is experiencing now is far better than her best day on earth. She has come home.


Lucille Gilster
January 31, 1923 — December 23, 2014
Her obituary from the Kearney Hub. Click here.


One Dollar

DollarBillBackOne dollar. That’s all I had in my pocket.  I held it tightly as I proclaimed to the Universe.


“Divine love. As me, blesses and multiplies, all that I am, all that I have, and all that I circulate, and so it is.”


I tossed it into the big gold platter.  I hadn’t been paid by a client in weeks. You can’t tithe 10% on zero dollars.  But I did have a dollar.  And I gladly gave what I could to the church.  I knew in my heart that this act of faith in the Universe would bless me over and over.  I just had no idea what was to come of the offering of just one dollar.


• • •

Later in the week as I was cleaning up I found a statement, pretty recent actually, of an IRA I had over a decade ago. I didn’t remember seeing a statement come in the mail, and I didn’t know I had an IRA. I thought I had cashed those out a long time ago.  So I called the number on the statement, and sure enough, there was almost $1800 there. Wow.  Shortly after that a client of mine that I had been working with finally called me back to discuss pricing. She said she would have a check for me, $500 Tuesday morning at the Breakfast Club.  Same day, my client (www.awisermind.com) returned my email and said they were cutting a check on Friday for $500 and it should be in the mail by Monday, in my hands Tuesday. $2800 return from one dollar is a pretty good result.



Many people only give to the church when they have extra money, or feel like things are okay.  I truly believe in the deepest of my heart that when you give back to your spiritual source, even if it is just unexpected income, that you will be rewarded handsomely in the divine bounty that is accepted and allowed into your life.

Oh Crap

I can’t begin to tell you the number of casinos that I have been through.  Colorado has Blackhawk casinos and they are now 24 hours and have tables.  Being the newbie I never learned how to play tables and instead sat down at a slot machine like the thousands of other geriatric patrons who spend their day time playing machines.


A couple of weeks ago was my friend Sara’s birthday and while we did go out Saturday night to a local dive bar, she wanted to go on her actual birthday to the casinos, just she and I. Sure, why not. Originally we were going to spend the night but after talking more we decided an afternoon jaunt would be enough to suffice our gambling thirst.


Nothing starts a celebration better than a drink so we jumped on a video poker game and got our free beers. Woo hoo. As long as you are gambling the drinks are on the house.  So yes, you guessed it, we drank and gambled all afternoon.  Sara lucked out, literally, and got a free buffet because it was her first time at the Monarch.


I’m not sure why but my luck seemed to be a lot better at the tables. I guess when you are betting against the dice you are throwing versus just pushing a button on a slot machine you may have better odds. I have to say I wouldn’t mind throwing the dice more often.

100 Things About Me

100 things about me

1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that are true about you.
3. Whatever you don’t bold is false.


01. When I was younger, I made some bad decisions
02. I don’t watch much TV these days
03. I love broccoli
04. I love sleeping
05. I have loads of books
06. I once slept in a toilet
07. I love to play video games
08. I’ve tried marijuana
09. I watch porn movies
10. I watch ‘One Tree Hill
11. I like sharks
12. I love spiders, I think they’re adorable, especially the ones with bright colors on their backs
13. I was born without hair and I still have no hair
14. I like George W. Bush
15. People are cool
16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year
17. I have a Toyota and a pool
18. I have a lot to learn
19. I carry my knife everywhere with myself
20. I’m really, really smart
21. I’ve never broken someone’s bones
22. I have a secret
23. I hate rain
24. I drink health juice
25. Punk rock rules
26. I hate Bill Gates
27. I love Vietnamese food
28. I would hate to be famous
29. I am not a morning person
30. I have semi-long hair
31. I have short hair
32. I have potential
33. I’m pure Afghan
34. My legs are two different sizes I refuse to believe my legs are identical
35. I have a twin ( that acts like me)
36. I wear those long ass socks
37. I can roll my tongue
38. I like the way that I look
39. I’m obsessed with Italian food
40. I know how to French braid
41. I can be pessimistic or optimistic whenever I want
42. I have a lot of mood swings
43. I skateboard/snowboard
44. I think that skateboarders are HOT
45. I’m in a band
46. I have a talent
47. I’m always hyper no matter how much sugar I have
48. I think that I’m popular
49. I am currently single
50. I can’t swim
51. My favorite color is either blue, red, or white
52. I practically live in sweatshirts
53. I love to shop
54. I would classify myself as either punk or goth
55. I would classify myself as ghetto
56. I’m a prep, shop at abercrombie, and ADMIT IT
57. I’m obsessed with my xanga
58. I don’t hate anyone
59. I know how to square dance
60. I have a unibrow
61. I’m completely embarrassed to be seen with my mom
62. I have a cell phone
63. I believe in God
64. I watch MTV on a daily basis
65. I know how to play the tuba
66. I need coffee to live
67. I have had a boyfriend before
68. I’ve rejected someone before
69. I currently like someone and they have no idea that I like them
70. I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life
71. I want to have kids when I get older
72. I have changed a diaper before
73. I’ve called the cops on a friend before
74. I bite my nails
75. I am a member of the Hilary Duff fan club
76. I’m not allergic to anything
77. I love broadway plays, and have been to at least 3
78. I have no idea who the 38th president was
79. I plan on seeing Mary Kate and Ashley’s new movie (rental)
80. I am completely shy around the opposite sex
81. I’m online 24/7
82. I have at least 25 away messages saved
83. I have tried alcohol or drugs at a party
84. I loved Rush Hour
85. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books
86. If I were a dwarf, I would be dopey
87. When I was a kid I played with G.I. Joe
88. I dont mind country music
89. I would die for my friends
90. I think that Juicy Fruit is the best type of gum
91. I watch soap operas whenever I can
92. I’m obsessive and paranoid and extremely jumpy
93. I would love to be demi moore because ashton kutchers a major hottie
94. I love the Beatles.. they’re classic
95. I know all the words to ‘I’m a barbie girl’
96. Halloween is awesome because you get free candy
97. I watch Spongebob Squarepants and I like it
98. I have to fart
99. I want this damned thing to be over!
100. I’m happy



Everyone in life identifies with some sort of occupation/job.  I think it all boils down to the age old question of “Who are you?” This last week I was a performer.  Yes, it’s true.  Years of longing to be on the stage at Mile Hi Church I finally took some measures and actions to do what I have always dreamed of doing.  I small voice told me to just be myself. Be great and you will get noticed.  Great people don’t go around telling people they are great. They just impact and change the world around them and people KNOW that they are great. So that’s kind of what I did. First I got into the choir because of my client, and then while I was there the music director noticed me … being me. Where does this story go? Well, from what I gather, it is a really big deal that I was chosen.  I was picked to be a back up dancer for Jennifer, the lead vocalist, to Grammy nominated song, Brave.  I learned the routine and then practiced my own freestyle dance.  Big surprise that no one had ever seen someone who had my moves.  All my club raving days came back to me in a heartbeat and without even thinking, my hands transformed into liquid fluid motion.  Everyone was mesmerized.  For the first time ever I showed off my crazy dance moves to the general public. Dancing in dark loud club with 50 people around you is not the same thing as being on a stage in front of 1200, plus an online audience as well. It was a lot of fun and I am hoping that was not a one time thing.  I am crossing my fingers that there will be more opportunities for me to be a performer. I’m a singer, a dancer, a speaker, a presenter. But above all, … I am a performer.

Rattling On Like Usual

I apologize to my readers as it has been far too long that I have written anything noteworthy.  I do have several blogs, and unfortunately this one was neglected. If there is one thing that still remains constant with everyone, is that people still like to read.  If they aren’t reading hard copy, they are reading something on the computer or their phone. And now, everyone is on a tablet of some sort. I lucked out last year and United told me my miles were going to expire. So I cashed them in for an Kindle Fire HD.  I have to say, it’s almost like an iPad, but smaller, and less apps. Who cares, I’ll take free any day!


Lately my time has been occupied with working with my church, on the board of directors.  Marketing director actually.  Although I haven’t had an official marketing title in over a decade, the board was happy to welcome me with open arms. So the cool thing is I get almost total reign and can pretty much create and do whatever I want to help the organization.  Along with my duties I also have taken over the social media arena, which is in my opinion, just different marketing avenues.  It literally has been a decade since I looked at marketing jobs and today I found over 300 in Denver.  Wow.  Like, I could totally go back into marketing .  And now that I have an MBA I bet someone would want my knowledge, skills and talents. Who knew you could make a job out of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the likes?  Well, there are a lot more outlets but those are just a few to name. Pinterest is another outlet that I am investigating.  Although one could easily get lost in time playing on that site.


I have also started “A course in miracles”.  It is 3 texts in one.  Pretty heavy stuff.  I have so many books that I am reading.  I now have TWO kindles and they are both loaded.  I am using “GoodReads” an app that helps to track your progress on books you are reading, and you can share it with others. Kind of cool.


On a side note, we are now in retrograde with Mercury, so things may appear a little “F’d” up at times.  And the Chinese New Year … it’s the year of the SNAKE!  Daylight Savings started early this year, as does Easter. Oh, yes, and if you know me personally, then you may know I now have two little puppies.  Cookie and Kahlua.  They are both Min Pins.  Girls.  Love em to pieces.  A dog truly is man’s best friend.