I Am

I am happy.  It starts with a simple affirmation, and then all of the sudden, things in your life start to manifest themselves for the good, … and you are happy. Coincidence?  I think not.


I am thankful. It shows that you are gracious, and appreciate all that life has to offer with you. For it is in the thanksgiving that the Universe provides the most.  I give thanks for my friends every day.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t talk with or see my friends. I am thankful that they are there for me, … and I for them.


I am loving. Think about how much happier you are in life when you are in love, being loved, or loving someone.  Think it. Say it. Do it. Live it. Love it.


I am teaching. With my small band of padewans, and the many students at the college, I am developing minds.  I am creating thoughts in their heads by the things I point out, the heart to heart conversations, and the blogs that people read here. Life can take a twist when you stop squeezing the golf ball, and your perception changes your attitude.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not teach someone something new.  Managers do things right.  Leaders do the right thing. I teach people to do the right thing.  Sometimes that might be just to forgive someone and let it go.


I am thinking.  My mind drifts back and forth on many things in life.  Why is it I see things totally different from others?  All the time? Why is it only a few really “get me”?  Why am I always questioning reality?  Challenging my belief system. There is never a day that goes by that I don’t think a “What if …” question that would change reality for everyone.  Like, what if everyone really could talk telepathically?  What would life be like?


And … I am dreaming.  I live in a world sometimes that no one else can see. Where things like time coexist on another plane somewhere else. Crazy I tell you. I am always thinking, wishing and dreaming of that life I always wanted to live. Rich and famous. Lots of parties. Writing my books.  We can always dream.  I think the world needs more dreamers. More people who have a dream job, or a dream goal, or a dream life.   Have you ever had a dream that was so real you would have sworn your life on it?  I have. There was a time that I sometimes had difficulty distinguishing my dream life from my reality life.  Like sometimes I would dream that my kitty Meeko was still around.  But it seemed so real, that I could feel her soft fur touch my hand.  But that’s impossible, she’s been dead over six months now. Sometimes I hear her little meow.  And I just think to myself, “I must be remembering a dream or something because there is no way that really happened”. Or did it?


I am living.  I am taking every day and making the best out of it.  I look to tomorrow with wisdom and hope. I treasure yesterday and store away special memories in my photographic memory. And I live for today. Always thankful and loving for what I am and who I am.  If I were to die tomorrow, at least I could say that I lived today.

Sail Away

The chimes sounded softly in the background drone of life. The whispers of sadness slowly drifted down the street. Foggy days were washed away with hopeful bells of laughter. Magic resided in the smiles and warm hearts that surrounded me. I thought I sat on an island by myself. But the warm breezes of happiness reassured me once again that I am not in the harbor of darkness anymore. My sails have set as the tides of change embraced me once again, preparing me for even the roughest of battles on the stormy seas of life.

I dropped my anchor of fears and hesitation and instead looked through my periscope of hope toward the sunny days ahead that I looked forward to.  I could feel the cool breezes of inspiration hit my tired face once again. I breathed in a sigh of relief and let out the desperation.  And once again I reminded myself that it’s all in my mind.

And from the book of Aaron, “Life is what YOU make of it, not what IT makes of you.”

Henry Ford

When Henry Ford was bringing his vision of the motor vehicle into our world, people around him ridiculed him and thought he had gone mad to pursue such a “wild” vision. Henry Ford knew much more than the people who ridiculed him. He knew The Secret and he knew the law of attraction.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right.”

—    HENRY FORD (1863 – 1947)