Fruits & Vegetables

Once upon a time I was a very bad eater. I didn’t drink water and I was unhealthy. Back in the 90’s I thought taking an Advil for a headache was normal and did it daily.  At that point in my life I didn’t have a lot of positive influences or role models. I did however have one friend who really cared about me and she taught me about muscle testing and alternative methods of healing, through herbs and nutrition. It turned out there were a lot of things my body was missing, so I started taking spirulina and amazingly I started having more energy. My headaches also went away. I didn’t ask what it was, I trusted my friend. She later told me that my body was missing some necessary “greens”.


Years later and I am taking dozens of herbs and pills daily. It was starting to get expensive. I felt like one of those old geriatric patients who have to eat dozens of drugs. Someone actually asked me once if I had a condition. I would laugh and say “Yes, it’s called living.”  Then one day I met a guy who took this stuff called Juice Plus. He, too, saw how many pills I took and asked what they were all were used for. I explained them all and then he told me I could take two pills in the morning and night and that was it. The interesting thing is, at that point in my life I was very active in the clubs and drinking and partying. One night I decided to take some Juice Plus before I went to the club. I drank all night long. When I got home I took 2 more Juice Plus and a glass of water. The next morning there was no hangover. I felt great. I took two more Juice Plus. This stuff was like magic.  Over the years my partying continued and I kept my secret energy power pills to myself. I know that these were not designed for this purpose. Of course I eat healthy now … but it certainly can’t hurt to have an extra dosage of nutrient dense energy coursing through your veins.


So if you are interested and want to try some, go to: That is my site.