Just Keep Writing … fiction

The other day someone asked me what new projects I was working on currently. I sort of laughed as my project list is never-ending. I looked at my Pressbook.com dashboard to look at exactly how many “book” projects I have started. WAY too many. Oh if I only had all the time to just sit and write. Any writer out there can tell you that writing, like any other chore, is a time consuming, sometimes tedious task.
I have contemplated which I think is more difficult, writing fiction or non-fiction. Writing fiction was fun. I was creating characters, personalities, and underlying deep-seeded messages. It became work when the subplot became a tangled web of suspense and surprises. Non-fiction is more black and white. They are both difficult and simple in their own ways. If you are writing non-fiction you may have a lot of research to back up your findings. Many people “think” they are writing non-fiction, but they are really writing their life memoir. It’s true. Go look up any self-help author and dig a little. Are they able to write intelligently without including their own personal life experiences, opinions and thoughts, … or are they citing other people’s work?
So to answer the earlier question, what projects am I working on … too many. Am I currently writing? Yes and no. I am not writing any manuscripts and unfortunately Angel Academy has not picked up at book 2 just as of yet. My guardians tell me to be patient and the right moment will hit me and like the first book it will be done in record time. I’m alright with that. If you didn’t know, the first book was channeled to me by angels and was completed in just 25 days. I should have a scheduled “writing” time like I did when I was working on A.A., but I don’t. I think all writers will agree with me when I say you really have to be in the right frame of thought to start creating.
One of the things I encourage other fiction writers to do is keep a 3 ring notebook that has characters divided into sections. If you have just one main character then things are a little easier. In the fiction world this is where you really do get to play “make believe”. You have to be able to intelligently discuss your character and everything about him/her. Imagine you are talking to a director of a movie and you need to help cast the perfect person for your main character. In your mind, he/she should easily appear like magic and talk to you, with you, just like a real person. Ask yourself, what are your character’s major flaws or weakness? What will be the downfall? Will your character be good or bad? What morale challenges are you going to throw at him/her that will enchant your reader to fall in love with or hate the character? I also tell authors that if they are writing fiction, that one day you might actually get to meet someone who is cast as that character in a movie. The more in-depth you can get with your characters the better.
One of my favorite story-telling tricks/tactics to drive readers deeper into the plot is by introducing stories within stories. The deeper you can pull your reader the more likely they are going to stick with the book and finish it, and hopefully recommend it. So what do I feel is one of the best techniques? Why that is super simple. Your character needs to have a deep, dark secret. Voila! Your reader is more likely to want to know what that secret is. So now you as the reader are hooked, and you want to know more. If you watched the last Star Wars movie then you know exactly what I am talking about as far as writing goes. How many questions are left unanswered? If you want to string your readers along even further you don’t answer them and instead introduce more clues to the initial dilemma. The secret. There are other tactics, such as killing the parents at an early age, losing a spouse/child, but not saying the how, when, why and so on.
Most important when writing long fiction, such as a novel, is to remember to keep things entertaining. If there are parts that seem to drag on, then you will lose your readers. I can think of several books that I just couldn’t finish. Most people read for entertainment or for learning purposes. If you can do both at the same time, then hats off to that writer.
So to wrap things up on this article, if you are a writer, published author, aspiring someday writer/author, then this might have helped motivate you to write your best work ever. I personally think that everyone has a story inside of them, … just waiting to explode into an imagination of entertainment. I know I need to sit down one day and write my own auto-biography. It actually is pretty fascinating and many times can lead to all nighters of me just talking. My author website and my Facebook page are the only places where it is partially documented.  One day when I am dead, people will say “Aaron M. Stephens? He was the author of Angel Academy, among many other pieces.”

11.18.14 – The World is Ready To Believe

Did you know I have been a writer my whole life? There are tons of pieces that were written that were never published. Short stories I shared with friends and family. Nothing that was really good or really even that interesting. Like a lot of writers out there I just poured my thoughts, ideas and words onto paper. Back in the day I used to actually write, with pen and paper. Now it is all computers and typing. Can you imagine if you didn’t know how to type? Life all of the sudden became so much harder. I am a super fast typist. Last time I was tested it was like 75-85 words per minute.  I use a natural ergonomic keyboard and I type by thought, not even thinking of the word, as my fingers automatically find the keys, just like when shifting in my car. I just know where 2nd gear is without thinking of it.  My keyboard actually has all lot of the letters worn off. When I worked in retail and people would see me typing they would just be amazed. I can type as fast as most people talk. Pretty cool huh?


As you may know, this is my personal blog. I have so many blogs but this is the one that consistently has stayed with me through the years. In fact, years ago an angel told me to copy all my blogs from MySpace and to put them somewhere safe. I wasn’t a webmaster really back then, just dabbling here and there, so I put them in a Microsoft Word file and then eventually put them all into a blog on Blogger.com.  For a blogging platform it was pretty decent. Later after I taught myself WordPress I created this blog and imported all the posts. It took a really long time, but now they are categorized by topic and most of them look pretty decent. I really like the layout and design of this theme as it gives a lot of creativity and “coolness” factor. It’s not a scrolling parallax site like my normal style of websites. I try to stay away from reading my own blog (this one especially) as I can get lost in my own writings and hours will pass by.


This blog really was sort of a catch all of any writing that didn’t fit on a business type of blog. For instance AaronMstephens.com is my public figure site/blog, where as Angel.Academy is just for the book.  I also have a different following on this blog. There are a ton of old MySpace friends who follow this blog and maybe some of the others. I sort of like to think of this as my “feel good” blog; where I can go for inspiration, maybe a little spiritual pick me up, or just reminded that I am loved. As silly as it may sound, we all KNOW we are loved by someone, hopefully. However it is not every day that everyone actually hears it. There is a harmonic vibration that sets a ripple effect into the Universe every time someone says “I Love You” out loud. Yes seriously.


You will find with this blog I tend to write a lot, more so than my other blogs. Why? I guess there is no specific purpose other than just writing, sharing, telling. If you are looking from the outside — in, it might be difficult to keep up with all the platforms that I use on a daily or weekly basis. Sometimes even “I” get lost navigating all the sites.  If anything this would be more of a journal type of blog, just documenting some of the things that are going on so I can later look at them, and let’s face it, my fans want to know what is going on also.


If you just tuned in lately, I wrote a book. It has consumed my life since it began in June. It was written in 25 days and it is a kids book on a fiction world on angels. Pretty much sums it up. What makes my story so different is I tapped into my M.B.A. and marketing background and went “all in” in this adventure. As of this morning I have 150k fans worldwide. I have spent vast amounts of capital funding this venture with the hopes and promise of a big paycheck at the end and for the rest of my life. Well, when you put it that way, why not spend all my savings, cash out my investments, close my IRA’s, 401(k)s and anything else I can get my hands on? When that is gone, I still have dozens of credit cards with obscene credit limits.  You don’t the kind of success results without spending a lot of money.


My new favorite saying “T.M.A.I.” It means throw money at it. Not everyone can do that, but if you can, by all means do it. It works. Advertise every opportunity. If it is less than a hundred bucks, absolutely do it whatever it is. So a few hundred bucks here and there peppered a few dozen times, it makes an impact.  Not everyone has that luxury or credit card to do that. Keep in mind that I am already a successful businessman who has made a lot of smart choices along the way.


The whole book process has been an amazing story in itself. I really need to sit down and journal that all out. I imagine I’ll be discussing it on a stage in front of a live audience at some point, so having it down on paper (or online) might be a good idea. So next week is the book launch, a week from today. I’m pretty excited about it. I am nervous that it is being held in such a small establishment. On the plus side, my friends and supporters that will be there will make it seem a lot busier that normal. Big crowds for events is a good thing. I can already see a line in front of the cute white picket fence.


If you are in the Denver area you should stop by. It’s a new little children’s book store called “Second Star To The Right.”  Something about the name just resonates with me. Plus I support small business, hopefully you do too. Thanks guys, love ya!

Less than 2 Months

Just 2 months and the book launches internationally through Amazon.com, Angel.Academy, Smashwords.com, and in the U.S. at any Barnes & Noble retail outlet.

I strategically set the launch date for the paperback to happen before Black Friday and after everyone has made the mortgage or rent payment.


When publishing with a traditional publisher, THEY set the date of what and when it will happen. Usually it is hardbound (most expensive), six months later, paperback (somewhat cheaper), and then another six months later e-Book. Why? Because they only want to maximize profits.

I call B.S. I am launching paperback and eBooks at the same time. $19.95 or $9.95, your choice. If you purchase paperback through Amazon.com on launch day, forward your receipt to Aaron@angel.academy and I’ll send you a free eBook of your choice. Amazon Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo, or Adobe pdf.


Exclusively for Christmas I am releasing a special edition leather hardbound, signed by me for $99.99.  There will only be 100,000 produced, and 10,000 of those will be sold immediately to American Express for their Centurion members. I have been a member for 20 years and I currently have their Platinum card. They produce a magazine called Departures that I am sending a galley copy along with the terms for AmEx if they should decide they want some exclusive copies.


I know some people are thinking that is pretty optimistic thinking/goals. I, however, know very well how their concierge program works and I know for a fact they have over 250,000 Centurion/Black card members, whom $99 is nothing to them, but having a signed exclusive hardbound copy that is hard to get is. It is very possible I may allocate a larger portion to them, we’ll see if they invite me to their Centurion program. It’s pretty exclusive.


As of now, there are no other plans to sell any hardbound books, and it will be available in paperback, eBook and the special edition for Christmas. I have saved a few dozen copies for friends and family as gifts this year. Yes, it’s going to be a VERY Merry Christmas this year for a lot of people!


Cheers!  If you’re a fan of my blog and you read this and you want me to reserve a limited edition for you, drop me a note. The official website for the book is: angel.academy and the Facebook.com/officialangelacademy


If you haven’t liked either of my fan pages, you can do so on the right hand side of the page. At almost 70,000 fans 2 months prior to launch, there is no question that this is going to be an international best seller!

Angel Academy Book 1

The other day it dawned on me that I have not been writing in my blog.  I apologize to my readers, and I want to share that I have been writing a children’s book. It’s called “Angel Academy” and it has been taking up all my time.


It is currently in the edit stage, round 3 and will publish 11.18.14.


If you would like to see the new site for the book you can go to the new site:



If you register you can get access to the first chapter.  I probably won’t be writing a lot on the blogs for awhile as I am focused entirely on the new book launch.  I am excited to report in the first 36 hours of establishing the Facebook page we have over 600 likes. That is pretty amazing considering I never got over 100 for my website, OpusDeorum.com


Follow me on Twitter and like the Facebook Page!


Authors, Writers, Editors

It’s all who you know. Yes, the words rang through my head like a loud gong banging over and over.  Yes, I know it’s all who you know so that’s why I am always out there meeting new people. Over the last few weeks I have managed to meet not one, but TWO published authors. I am so thrilled that Marcia Reece is my new client AND she is going to mentor me for my new book that she inspired me to write.  Yesterday she suggested a book that I read. It’s a book on how to write a book that sells you. If you are interested in it, you can find it on Amazon. This one is different. It contains FOUR blueprints for a bestseller.  One of the things the author suggests is to interview all of your characters in your book. How do you know what they are like if you have never done this exercise? I thought it was a great idea and when I get to a fiction character I would probably do that.  Actually, one of my books has me as the hero, so it might be a fun little activity to actually interview myself like it was for a magazine spread or something.


Marcia Reece came to Mile Hi Church and spoke about her invention of “Sidewalk 51swtfjtxXL._AA320_QL65_Chalk”. She also went on to tell us how she published a relationship book that became an Amazon best seller. I have never been so captivated as I was listening to Marcia. Using clever marketing tactics she managed to get her book in the spotlight through traditional marketing methods, press releases. We quickly became friends and before she was my client I noticed her Facebook banner was pixelated and distorted. I found her Marriage Mouse graphic she had used (drawn by the Disney Princess artist) and created a new banner for her as a token of my appreciation. She said I am amazing!  I loved it. I got a compliment from someone who really thought well of me. I just knew we were on the way to a fantastic voyage.  Of course I told her the title of my book idea, and right off the bat she was intrigued and interested. That was definitely a good sign.


Another thing I learned is that while I am excited to talk about my new book, title, idea, target market with everyone, it’s probably not a good idea. I mean, what if someone heard about my idea/title/concept and stole it from me before I could get it copyrighted and published? Don’t talk about your book, write it. I have many book ideas running around in my head, and thankfully because of the advent of technology they are all being stored safely on the “cloud”.


Anyone can write a book. Anyone can publish an Amazon kindle book. Writing a good book that has a specific audience who wants to read what you have written may be more of a challenge. Fortunately for me I have had numerous parties tell me that I am a good writer.  I have been encouraged in the past to write a books, I just never had the right guidance.