When I say digital creator, it means do you create content and post it on the internet somewhere? If you started your WordPress blog/site then you are on your way. Every post you manifest and put into words are a divine expression that someone wants to experience. At first it will just be people that actually know you. Your circle of friends. Your family probably won’t take an interest in you, unless they are already in that circle of close friends. If your kid was selling candy bars for school, who would buy one? That is your tribe.

There aren’t a lot of movies or stories about blogs, but the one that does come to mind is the Julie Julia show about a wanna be chef who uses a blog to document it. One trend that smartphones has sparked has been taking pictures of your food. I’ll admit, I love it. It gives me inspiration to make something, try something new, or go to a recommended restaurant. If you check out my Instagram, I have posted pictures of food that I have actually cooked/created. It helps me with ideas for dinner when I need some fun ideas. Putting your hobby on Instagram also helps you to keep your photos organized. Sure you can keep things on Pinterest, but how many sites are you going to use on a regular basis? Right. Some of those sites are just time vampires. One cool thing with using the free WordPress site is you get a plethora of free images in their database. My other site doesn’t really use photos much (by choice).

Technically it is Novel November so there should be hundreds of aspiring writers who are challenged to write a novel in a month. It can be done. I think a new Stephen King thriller is due. I could be wrong, he might still be arguing with Elon on Twitter.

I think a more fun challenge would be “Write something you want to get on the banned book list.” Now THAT could be something I could get behind.

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