Hey guys — and gals, welcome to my other personal blog. This one was imported from a prior blog and I was using my author blog for the majority of my writing. This morning when I went to open up my website I found myself unable due to technical difficulties. Then I heard a voice and it said to come to this site and write. This one isn’t that bad and it is hosted on WordPress.com. So it lacks a lot of customization and different functionality, but you are here for the content, not the fancy site right? So if you are a fan, follower, reader, or long time friend, … my blogs/writings are entertaining content and I continue to put smiles around the world.

So if you take a look at this site it literally has been years since I have updated or written anything on this site, so what the heck right? Here is an updated picture of me, I pulled off my phone. It was taken this year so it is current. If you don’t follow my Instagram then I’ll share with you that I have grown my hair out so that I wear it in a man bun under my visor. I just turned 49 in July and I have taken an interest in beauty products. Hopefully with the ultimate goal of looking good. Maybe you know someone who needs some health and beauty tips, or maybe you are just bored and need some new entertainment. I’ve been writing for several decades in a variety of different mediums. In case you didn’t know, I have a master’s degree in business administration with a focus in human resources. I also have a business marketing degree and like 30 years experience. I found in my years of work, working with people, customers, coworkers and supervisors, … the corporate world wasn’t that great. When I was a teacher at an online college, it was all a numbers game. It was hard to really get to know students and to significantly impact someone in ten weeks can be challenging. So anyway, some people like me for my ideas, some like my for my thoughts, and others like me for my stories. In theory, if any of my fans have subscribed to my site through WordPress, then I don’t even have to tell anyone, and this post will just show up in a bunch of readers. I kind of like this new format, layout and font so I think I will start producing some new content on this site. It is free after all. As far as I know it doesn’t lock me out or go down. A lot of my friends who read my blog tell me that they can actually hear my voice as they read it. If you have never heard my voice you can actually search my podcast on Amazon music or Spotify. I did a couple of podcasts and I plan to do more. I think it is on iTunes as well. Crazy how easy it is to produce and market a podcast. I will be sure to produce more in the near future.

I also updated the menu on this site and if you haven’t checked out my author site/blog, that is where the last few years or so of my writings have lived. https://aaronmstephens.com/blog There is hundreds of hours of reading material on that site. Check it out and I’ll be writing more here soon. The color block backgrounds are fun too.

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