Ted x Mile High Denver

Do you listen/watch the Ted Talks? If you didn’t know, Ted Talks are some really cool presentations from some thought-provoking ideas that may rock your world. If you didn’t know Ted x Mile High Denver happened yesterday. The really cool thing about these talks is they are usually normal every day people who have some really decision-making processes that they share with the general public. If you are unfamiliar you can you go their website, just type in Ted X in Google.


They don’t have all the talks on their website but you can see a few of them. I like listening to the Ted talks. I did find out when it is followed by an “x” it means it is an independently hosted event, not officially sponsored by Ted. Anyone can host a Ted talk. Just just have to fork over the fee and then rent the space and of course get a line up of great speakers, topics and speeches. This one was held at the Buell Theater in downtown Denver. Some Ted Talks are very large and then there are some that are pretty small. I would say that the Denver one was of an average to smaller size. The Denver Convention Center would have held a lot more people just due to the sheer nature of the size.


Ted Talks happen all the time. I originally found out about them through Netflix. Oh how I love Netflix. I am one of those guys who does more than one thing at a time. So I can be listening to music, running on a treadmill and watching/listening to an engaging Ted Talk all at the same time. There are a lot of really talented engaging speakers.
I have to say that of all the talks I really like the ones about food. Not that I am a big eater, I am actually a little eater. I am a learner. I like to learn new things and old things. I will admit that after watching the talks I looked at my food differently. I eat more raw food than cooked food. I steam instead of sauteing. There are all kinds of topics so if you haven’t checked it out I suggest you open your mind to some eye-opening suggestions.


Some speeches are only 3 minutes and others can go for a half an hour. Denver really didn’t have any big name presenters. I watched one where Tony Robbins was the presenter, but for the most part, they are all unknown idealists. Ted Talks are the only public venue where people will pay big money to listen to a no name presenter. Tickets were $90 a seat.


Every great empire or corporation started with one person with one idea and passion to fuel it.