Role Models

Who is your role model?

We grow up in life admiring or looking up to someone. That person has certain traits and characteristics that you desire. It might be a personality trait, it might be an attitude toward life, but whatever it is, there is something very special about that person. What do you do when that person, such as a parent, is a let down? You look for a new role model.



So I personally looked at all the people who were an influence in my life and who helped shape and mold me into the person I am today. I would like to say that I had very strong role models in my life. Alas, like many starry-eyed kids who are full of hope and wonder, I had to create my own hero. I turned to comic books and fantasy fiction and I would disappear into worlds I can’t begin to describe. When I discovered these imaginary heroes each of them had something that made them unique. Like, Superman always tells the truth. Nice.



So if you are new to my personal blog, you might have noticed that I haven’t updated it in a while. The reason for that is … I have too many blogs and I am always busy writing somewhere. My author website/blog is where you will find the majority of my writing for the past year. That website is more educational and informative, usually with me teaching something to someone. This website/blog is more motivating and inspirational. I can get lost reading the things I wrote. Many times I do not even recall writing it; it is as if I was a scribe for someone/thing else.



At any rate, this is more of a fun blog; at least I think so. I tend to rattle on about all kinds of things. Usually dealing with being a better contributor to society in one fashion or another. Believe it or not, I have a lot of followers who like to read what I write. So I think it is always a good idea to contribute an idea or something that will have positive results; even if it is to just one person.



So what quality in a role model do you feel is important? Is that why you admire that person? I personally am all about the heart and soul. What is your heart and soul doing for the greater good? I look at intention. Words have power. My words have power. It is so easy to share a compliment to a complete stranger and watch as their face lights up with a smile. Super simple and believe me, it has power. Your words have power. Choose them wisely.



Many people are wondering what is up with me? I haven’t been too vocal lately and it is mostly due to work. In addition to being a writer/author, I am also a webmaster. It keeps me really busy. I am working on a new venture in the publishing industry. I can’t say too much about it right now, but it will launch officially on I also have recently purchased a Fitbit bracelet/watch. It is a super fancy pedometer/watch. Check it out if you are curious.



I will say that due to the Fitbit I now am conscious of how much I exercise, walk and work out. I run/walk at least 7 miles a day. I really love it. Plus, I have a bunch of friends who have one also. I already wrote about it so I won’t go into it. I can say it was the best investment I could have ever made, literally. My life depends on being fit and healthy.



If you have been a long-time reader then you know my puppies were both in critical condition. One being hit by a car and the other attacked by a coyote. It was very traumatic, but thankfully, with the power of the angels they were both healed and now can walk and run just fine. If you are a new reader, they are two little miniature pinchers (min pins).



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