Cold Calling #telemarketing

Here’s how I get results when I cold call. (Oh how I love telemarketing)


“Hi, this is Aaron M. Stephens, the international best selling author of Angel Academy with over a hundred thousand fans worldwide. Would you like to entertain the idea of having a small percentage of those fans in your establishment for a book signing? I can sell directly to you bypassing my distributors, Ingram, Baker & Taylor providing you huge margins with my wholesale book discount. I only give them a 45% discount, I can give you 60% discount, no minimum and of course all my books are returnable.”


Big words for an author eh? All they hear is “I can give you money from my fans. More money with your discount. I won’t get screwed over by you with books that might not sell.”




“Hi, this is Aaron M. Stephens and I wrote an award worthy children’s masterpiece in 25 days about a magical imaginary world of angels. My goal is to tell children all over the world that God does love them very much, and angels are watching over them. Do you think this is something your store/chain would want to carry as a book? The title is Angel Academy. Already I have over 1000 pre-orders, the book comes out next month. I am in the top 20 for children’s religious fiction on Amazon. This is my first novel.”


This is what they hear: “My amazing book is new, hot, fresh, never been written before and YOU are a Christian I can tell by gasping of air. You had an angel experience and we were meant to work together.” Okay, maybe not quite like that, but that is what I am thinking back at them. My superpower can project thoughts into people’s minds.


So if you’re an author or soon to be author, this is a very helpful sales strategy you can implement. Amazingly I haven’t seen anything for authors/writers on cold calling, selling, scripts or anything. So, here is one of many cool ideas for my friends/fans. Just make some phone calls. I like to talk, but I also like to write.