"I Need a Hug"

“I need a hug.”  I heard it in my mind and before I even saw my friend, I just KNEW it was the first thing she would say to me.  Sure enough, I caught a glimpse of my friend’s eye, and I saw the sparkle of hope as she made her way over to me. “Can I have a hug?” was the first thing she said.  I smiled and said “Of course. You know, there is magic in hugs.”  I reached around and gave a firm, solid hug, letting our hearts touch for that magic moment.” When we finally released my friend said, “I think you’re right. I feel better already. Why do you say/think there is magic in a hug?”  Again I smiled and then replied, “You know, in western medicine they only treat you for a symptom, with some sort of man-made chemical in the shape of a pill.  The question I ask back is, how do you treat a broken heart or one that seems to not be complete? That’s right, in your society, there is no such thing.  Except I believe that the magic of a hug can heal all kinds of heartache.”


I have this philosophy, on hugs.  I know, my friends think I am sometimes “out there”. You see, I’m not really “from” this Western civilization, I’m actually from the far East, orphaned during the Vietnam war. So while I may have been “brainwashed” by going to school here, it doesn’t necessarily mean I believe everything I read. I do believe what I can feel, see and touch. Not everyone can see auras, energy or chakras.  In fact, hardly anyone can see these at all.  I can see them. I can literally see when someone is out of balance.  It’s kind of cool, and it’s kind of scary. What I have witnessed and experienced, is that when the heart chakra is out of alignment it is no longer spinning. Yes, chakras spin like a little diamond. They are the size of an apple or a golf ball and when they are healthy and happy they spin. When something is going wrong with one chakra it can mess up the entire system. When I hug someone, my chakras and energy sort of “jump start” the chakra, cleans it out and starts it to spin again.


We are all energy, in one way or another.  When someone has a heart attack, they use electricity to jump start their heart. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a hug to jump start my heart chakra rather than a jolt of a billion bolts. Coming back from the dead is no joke.


I love getting hugs and giving hugs.  If you go to my church, Mile Hi Church of Religious Science in Lakewood, Colorado then you already know we’re a big bunch of huggers. It’s not uncommon at all for me to just demand a hug.


“Gimme a hug.”

Do the world a favor today, and go hug someone you don’t love.  Go hug someone you don’t know.  Hug someone you DO know.  The world would be a much better place if people would hug out their problems. Please retweet and share!