One Dollar

DollarBillBackOne dollar. That’s all I had in my pocket.  I held it tightly as I proclaimed to the Universe.


“Divine love. As me, blesses and multiplies, all that I am, all that I have, and all that I circulate, and so it is.”


I tossed it into the big gold platter.  I hadn’t been paid by a client in weeks. You can’t tithe 10% on zero dollars.  But I did have a dollar.  And I gladly gave what I could to the church.  I knew in my heart that this act of faith in the Universe would bless me over and over.  I just had no idea what was to come of the offering of just one dollar.


• • •

Later in the week as I was cleaning up I found a statement, pretty recent actually, of an IRA I had over a decade ago. I didn’t remember seeing a statement come in the mail, and I didn’t know I had an IRA. I thought I had cashed those out a long time ago.  So I called the number on the statement, and sure enough, there was almost $1800 there. Wow.  Shortly after that a client of mine that I had been working with finally called me back to discuss pricing. She said she would have a check for me, $500 Tuesday morning at the Breakfast Club.  Same day, my client ( returned my email and said they were cutting a check on Friday for $500 and it should be in the mail by Monday, in my hands Tuesday. $2800 return from one dollar is a pretty good result.



Many people only give to the church when they have extra money, or feel like things are okay.  I truly believe in the deepest of my heart that when you give back to your spiritual source, even if it is just unexpected income, that you will be rewarded handsomely in the divine bounty that is accepted and allowed into your life.