World Wild Web

Isn’t it kind of funny how the Internet, a geeky telecommunications technology at the time was branded “The Web”. When I think of a web, I think of a spider web. What does a spider web have to do with a communications means? There isn’t a connection.  Spider webs have nothing to do with the Internet.  But yet, somehow, it was born as the World Wide Web. Double you double you double you.  Damn, like that wasn’t a blunder to try and say that … at the time they also added in backslashes. What the hell was a back slash?  It sounded like it hurt. Spider webs and slashed up backs.  And to top it off, they have to get real personal and talk about your colon and “periods”. Could things get any more confusing?


Well one thing is for sure, the web just got more and more advanced. Things changed, and everyone just accepted the new technology as easily as they did Daylight Savings. Well at least in the United States we believe in Daylight Savings.


So why the long intro on the world wide web?  Well, myself like billions of people out there rely on it to make a living. Everyone’s reason and method is always a little bit different. It’s amazing how so many people need a service that I provide. The funny thing is I never went to school to be webmaster. I have no formal training, yet the things I know is worth thousands to some. Literally people are willing to pay me thousands of dollars to design and build a site for them.


Can anyone build a website? Sure. Of course they can.  I ask, can anyone make a meal? Sure of course you can, but just because you can cook a meal doesn’t make one a chef.  Nor does having a webpage make one a webMASTER. I find there are very few people that can call themselves Master of the Web.  There really is just way too much stuff to know to learn it all overnight.  While the Internet looks the way it does now, it will continue to evolve and change. One day, Internet, like a public drinking fountain will be free.