Suspension of the Disbelief

A long time ago, when I was learning the craft of writing, I learned a few things here or there. I knew that when someone was smarter than you it is better to listen rather than to talk.  I also learned that in order to get the answers you seek, it is imperative that you ask the right questions.  Ask lots of questions.  People love to talk. So ask them a question.  One time someone told me you are smart when you have the right answers. I had another person once told me that he thought I was smart. Naturally I asked why he thought that.  I’m not the first person to shout out the right answer in a trivia sports bar. In fact I’m probably that last person. He said he thought I was smart because I always asked questions.  I imagine we all have our own idea of what think “smart” is or isn’t.


So back to literature, I learned the term “suspension of the disbelief” which in most simplest term means you have to make your story BELIEVABLE, whether it be fact or fiction.  The term resurfaced again in the killing literature movie “Basic Instinct” and as she so eloquently put it, “It teaches you how to lie.”  And if you think about it, every piece of fiction is just a story.


I think almost everyone believes in ghosts or spirits. And there is quite a following of vampire fans and with the whole Twilight Saga, werewolves too.  I’m not quite sure why but my Netflix kept insisting that I watch this show called “Being Human”.  If you haven’t seen or heard about dead girl, ghost, a werewolf, and a vampire (who can go in daylight) who all live in the same house.  I am not really a huge fan of vampires … come on, drinking blood to survive? Humans who turn into killing dogs because the moon is in a phase? Really.  I think it just makes for good storytelling.  I do however believe in spirits, ghosts, dead people.


So I watched 3 seasons of the show over the weekend. Overall it was a pretty decent show. It kept me hooked watching it while I worked. Season 4 just started on the SyFy channel.  I missed the season premier as it was on LAST night.  Bummer right?  Nope, with DirecTV it will be playing again Saturday night. It’s one of those shows that you really don’t need to see all three seasons to pick up watching the 4th season.   With Netflix and Amazon prime who really needs cable?