Oh Crap

I can’t begin to tell you the number of casinos that I have been through.  Colorado has Blackhawk casinos and they are now 24 hours and have tables.  Being the newbie I never learned how to play tables and instead sat down at a slot machine like the thousands of other geriatric patrons who spend their day time playing machines.


A couple of weeks ago was my friend Sara’s birthday and while we did go out Saturday night to a local dive bar, she wanted to go on her actual birthday to the casinos, just she and I. Sure, why not. Originally we were going to spend the night but after talking more we decided an afternoon jaunt would be enough to suffice our gambling thirst.


Nothing starts a celebration better than a drink so we jumped on a video poker game and got our free beers. Woo hoo. As long as you are gambling the drinks are on the house.  So yes, you guessed it, we drank and gambled all afternoon.  Sara lucked out, literally, and got a free buffet because it was her first time at the Monarch.


I’m not sure why but my luck seemed to be a lot better at the tables. I guess when you are betting against the dice you are throwing versus just pushing a button on a slot machine you may have better odds. I have to say I wouldn’t mind throwing the dice more often.