Calling all AUTHORS!!!

So 2014 is now just upon us and like everyone out there, there are new year’s resolutions that are to be made. For some, they will be easily forgotten.  A friend of mine said her resolution was to write something every day. I personally thought that was a fantastic idea and something that I too could actively practice.  So after much thought, I decided that I would use this blog as my main “pouring out of thoughts” medium.  If more than anything, for me to be able to document some lofty goals, set forth some new ideas and then perhaps in a year we can revisit some of the things I set out to do and see how many of those actually came into fruition.


For starters, I have this book in my head. I have a story to tell. Whenever I sit down with someone and start telling “who I am” and where I came from, I get all kinds of responses. Most of them which include “Gee, have you ever thought about writing a book or short story about this?”  So here I am, 40 years young in life and never once did I ever write an actual story to tell everyone just how interesting I am/was. Who knows, some day I could be really famous and then people would really want to know my story.


So I meditate every day. It helps to center me. During my meditation many things will come to me. Those are some of the things that will end up in my book. So using the open source platform WordPress, I found a company that built on it and made it designed to publish an E-book.  It is called “”.  So that is where my manuscript is living. The nice thing is it helps you to write the correct sections, chapters, and so on. And when it is all done it will export it to the correct format you need. The best part is that it is free.  Yes, it really is free.  It was designed and created by a writer & developer for writers. It should not be harder to create a book than it is to create a website.  I completely agree.


My book title, if you are wondering is still in flux. I am currently working on a draft title “According to Aaron — The Chronicles of A”.  Like I said, it’s a rough draft but at least I have something started.