I love you.

Those three magic words that people seem to feel, but for some rarely have the chance to say, express and show. I am not sure why people don’t say it every day to everyone they meet. I was at church one morning and a friend of mine was really looking down. I went over to her and said “I love you.” I gave her a hug and I walked away.  Later that morning she told me how much it made her feel, it changed it and helped her. I had a feeling that she really needed that.


So I say it often, I say it freely. The more love you share/give away, the more you will receive. Love, like a smile and the laughter from the heart is universal. It is God/Spirits wonderful gift to us.  To experience and feel the love of a stranger, from a friend, from a loved one.


So in case you haven’t heard it late, I love you.

Sometimes it’s just that smile in your eyes that tells me you feel the same way too.