Divine Intervention

I fully believe in Divine Intervention.  You can use whatever terminology makes you feel most comfortable.  Some people like to say “guides”, or spirit, or angels, intuition, third eye, sixth sense, crown chakra, but whatever you want to call it, you know that it is something outside your own consciousness that brought it to your awareness.


With vehicles in technology, I think it is even easier for that divine intervention to get messages to you. So, this weekend divine intervention felt I needed to read “The Jesus Code” by John Randolph Price.   I know what you are thinking (I’m psychic remember), Jesus really?  Is Aaron that religious?  No, I am not. But it was $4.99 on my Kindle and I honestly can say I didn’t pay that close attention in Sunday School. So I don’t have a lot to say on the man myself, and I thought this might be divine interventions way of kindly pointing me in the right direction.


This blog today is not even really about the man Jesus, but instead it is taking the message intended for me and sharing it with countless more. Universe knows that I am a great advocate to advertise and market whatever message it feels needs to go out. I am also currently the editor for a weekly newsletter that goes out to thousands of business professionals. Yeah, that is pretty cool, not including other avenues I communicate.  And of course, through who?  I tell people all the time that they may only be the messenger. I am continually amazed at the hundreds of individuals who hang onto my every word and repeat when necessary … in their mind, out loud, sharing with others.  I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone saying something and I think “Those are my words. That is my story.” So I do hope that many people will read this blog and share the same story.


The timing could not come at a better moment, it is almost Easter. All about Jesus. This book, talks about “The Christ”. It means pre-Christian and came from Plato’s Christos, meaning “the True Self of Everyone”.  Well, when you put it that way, it sure does give a different meaning to it. That came right from the book. The basic premise of the book is, “I am as Jesus.”


So I have been reading and re-reading different parts of the book. And it is amazing.  It is better than Spiritual Economics (which btw, I really like). My interpretation of the book is more of a clarity of mind, consciousness, and who you really are.  Here is one of my favorite passages, and I will soon have it memorized:


God IS.  God is the one universal Presence and Power, the Cosmic Heart of Love, expressing as all that is good, true, and beautiful in life. I am that Expression.

I and the Spirit of God are one and the same. I am God being me, and God loves Itself as me.



I AM conscious.

I AM consciously aware.

I AM consciously aware of the presence of God. 

I AM consciously aware of the presence of God I AM.

I AM consciously aware of the presence of God I AM as me.

I now listen and hear the Voice of Truth speak from the stillness within.

I haven’t gotten through the whole book.  It is one that you will want to contemplate and think on.  I have.  Universe/God talks to us in a variety of ways.  Who knows, perhaps this is actually God’s message for someone and I am just the vessel banging away on the keyboard?