Rattling On Like Usual

I apologize to my readers as it has been far too long that I have written anything noteworthy.  I do have several blogs, and unfortunately this one was neglected. If there is one thing that still remains constant with everyone, is that people still like to read.  If they aren’t reading hard copy, they are reading something on the computer or their phone. And now, everyone is on a tablet of some sort. I lucked out last year and United told me my miles were going to expire. So I cashed them in for an Kindle Fire HD.  I have to say, it’s almost like an iPad, but smaller, and less apps. Who cares, I’ll take free any day!


Lately my time has been occupied with working with my church, on the board of directors.  Marketing director actually.  Although I haven’t had an official marketing title in over a decade, the board was happy to welcome me with open arms. So the cool thing is I get almost total reign and can pretty much create and do whatever I want to help the organization.  Along with my duties I also have taken over the social media arena, which is in my opinion, just different marketing avenues.  It literally has been a decade since I looked at marketing jobs and today I found over 300 in Denver.  Wow.  Like, I could totally go back into marketing .  And now that I have an MBA I bet someone would want my knowledge, skills and talents. Who knew you could make a job out of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the likes?  Well, there are a lot more outlets but those are just a few to name. Pinterest is another outlet that I am investigating.  Although one could easily get lost in time playing on that site.


I have also started “A course in miracles”.  It is 3 texts in one.  Pretty heavy stuff.  I have so many books that I am reading.  I now have TWO kindles and they are both loaded.  I am using “GoodReads” an app that helps to track your progress on books you are reading, and you can share it with others. Kind of cool.


On a side note, we are now in retrograde with Mercury, so things may appear a little “F’d” up at times.  And the Chinese New Year … it’s the year of the SNAKE!  Daylight Savings started early this year, as does Easter. Oh, yes, and if you know me personally, then you may know I now have two little puppies.  Cookie and Kahlua.  They are both Min Pins.  Girls.  Love em to pieces.  A dog truly is man’s best friend.