Prosperity Bible ISBN 978-1-58542-614-0

I sat down to just glance at what I had bought and I immediately became in tune with this new tool that the Universe has given me. It really IS NINETEEN books in one book. For a total of 1272 pages. The first book of the Bible is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, 1937. I have to say I have never read it but I am really getting into it.  And all 19 books for twenty bucks.  Wow.  And it was the only one on the shelf. I was amazed at such a deal. All this wealth of knowledge for so little money.  The Universe was glaring at me for not instantly snatching it up and buying it. I was drawn to that book, the same strong impulse that drew me to my other bible, the 365 Science of Mind that I read daily. I felt a vibration when I touched the book, and I knew there were a plethora of secrets that I was going to uncover.

If you are looking for some self mastery of your life, then I might suggest dropping twenty bucks and pick up a copy.