This past week was a busy week for me. I have been running around, going to meetings, meeting new people, hob knobbing, and telling people my 30 second commercial many, many times.  I have to say, after all of these years of telling people who I think I am, … I have gotten pretty good at it.  The more interesting things you have to talk about, the more fun it is.  Literally every day this week I have been meeting new people. It can get exhausting. Luckily I had lots of energy.


I tell you, some people just have no social skills at all. I can think of a handful of people this week I wanted to just turn around and walk away. But instead I smiled as I listened to their sad “work” life story. I’m at a bar, do I really want to go into the intricacies of futures oil trading? Some people talk just so they can hear someone else say, “Oh my …you are a CEO?  HOW impressive.”  I smiled and said, “Well, I have changed the lives of thousands of business professionals as they have achieved their educational goals. I love being a positive role model.”  My response included, “Oh, I’m a professor too at my company that I own.”  I really began to wonder if this new found friend was just trying to impress me or what.  Oh and did I mention he has his MBA too?


All week long I have worn different identities.  Many times I am Professor Stephens. But I was also a sales guy for many years.  And now I have been introducing myself as a motivational speaker and a small business owner.  I love watching people’s face as I hand them a business card and they look at the logo. It’s pretty cool.  I have to admit though, wearing a bow tie in downtown Denver Saturday night will usually always strike up a conversation. Women love it. Gay men adore it.


I am a little surprised at just how many people have commented on my energy. “You have GREAT energy!” I wondered if your excitement and enthusiasm could have any affect on that. Can people really feel my positive energy as I just want to bounce up and down all around? Funny, that … since I have been thinking about my energy all week long.


Isn’t our consciousness just complex “energy”?  Isn’t our soul just energy? Aren’t thoughts just energy? So how is it you can have a lot of energy, and other times hardly any at all? Where does it come from? Where does it go? When I think of energy, I think of Star Trek.



One day the technology will be there so our atoms will be zapped across the Universe and somehow get put all back together correctly. I saw the movie “The Fly”.  If you haven’t you should.  Creepy.