Anytime I think of a butterfly I think of change.  Not the circular coins, but life changes.  It is God’s miracle to take something as ugly as a hairy slug and transform it into something beautiful and amazing.


Many people are resistant to change. Many people fight it. When I was in grad school I took an entire semester on change management.  The thing that I found the most profound in change, is not changing behaviors but changing perception and attitudes.  I am an advocate of change. I feel that change is good. You may not understand sometimes, why change has to happen in your life. But one day, some day you may.  And then again, you may not.  People say that they are open to change, but yet they practice and demonstrate quite the opposite. Sometimes people want change, but don’t want to change themselves.


“I am so ready for a change.”

I hear this from my students all the time. What do you want to change? Lifestyle, money problems, relationships, … you name it, someone wants to change it. How can you change it? Change your mind?  Have a change of heart?  If you want life to happen, you have to make it happen.  Don’t blame things on the economy. You can’t change the weather, the trillion dollar budget, and you can’t change the economy. Deal with it. Move on.  The world is changing due to conditions and factors out of your control.


One of my favorite company slogans comes from SONY.   “Make.  Believe.”

So a big shout out going out to SONY.  Your marketing department … awesome!