Who ARE You?

I smiled.  And with a cheerful smile in my sing songy voice I said, “As detailed as possible, please tell me WHO you are.”


Wow. Point blank, who are you?  Most people don’t really know who they are. And when asked in a point blank question, don’t have the foggiest clue on what to say, or even how or where to start.  And I think and even better question is .. who do you THINK  you are?  Both questions are like loaded pistols. The answers, many times will just amaze me. I am an expert at reading people. I can hear the lack of self-confidence in the hesitation of the responses. For the most part most people identify with whatever their  occupation is, or was. It really does amaze me how little people think of themselves. Seriously.


I was at a restaurant and I noticed that the hostess had an unusual yet pretty name. I commented on how pretty her name was, and then said “I am sure you must you hear that all the time.”  She looked back with a sincere, genuine smile and said, “No, people don’t tell me that all the time.” I smiled back and said, “Well, that must be because they are shy because you are so pretty and don’t want you to think they are hitting on you.”  I tell you, I don’t think she had genuine nice compliment like that in a long time.  I make it a goal to compliment people everywhere I go. It has amazing effects.  Such as getting an awesome table at the restaurant where you just complimented the hostess. 😉


Who am I? My goal is to be a role model. We all have different ideas of what a role model is, and I think I do a pretty amazing job at providing a positive influential person to look up to.


I haven’t done a lot of studying on Ghandi, but there is one quote that really stands out to me.


 “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

My goal is to change the world. How can one person change the world? Do you have to be rich? Or famous? Do you have to be a leader? Do you have to have influential power? Do you have to be in congress?  Do you have to have a million followers in your tweets?


I used to think that one person couldn’t make that much of a difference.  I used to think that one person was powerless. I used to think that my thoughts didn’t matter and couldn’t make a difference.  But I was wrong. I was very wrong. And whom am I to feel that I can make a difference to change the world?  Every change, every movement, every action started with a thought. A thought from one individual.



All it takes is one person to communicate a thought … sending it out to the Universe, projecting passion and emotion behind it … and other “like” minds will be attracted to it.  And soon, that one thought becomes tenfold, and soon becomes hundreds, and then thousands.  Trust me on this one.  The terminology varies from culture to religion, but most accept this concept as “prayer”.   There is power in prayer, and hence there is power in thought.


When I am asked who am I … my first response is, “Who do you want me to be?”

Believe it or not, hundreds, if not thousands contemplate, and ponder the many thoughts that cross my mind in the form of my blogs. Who am I?  Perhaps I am just the messenger.