I Am

I am happy.  It starts with a simple affirmation, and then all of the sudden, things in your life start to manifest themselves for the good, … and you are happy. Coincidence?  I think not.


I am thankful. It shows that you are gracious, and appreciate all that life has to offer with you. For it is in the thanksgiving that the Universe provides the most.  I give thanks for my friends every day.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t talk with or see my friends. I am thankful that they are there for me, … and I for them.


I am loving. Think about how much happier you are in life when you are in love, being loved, or loving someone.  Think it. Say it. Do it. Live it. Love it.


I am teaching. With my small band of padewans, and the many students at the college, I am developing minds.  I am creating thoughts in their heads by the things I point out, the heart to heart conversations, and the blogs that people read here. Life can take a twist when you stop squeezing the golf ball, and your perception changes your attitude.  There is not a day that goes by that I do not teach someone something new.  Managers do things right.  Leaders do the right thing. I teach people to do the right thing.  Sometimes that might be just to forgive someone and let it go.


I am thinking.  My mind drifts back and forth on many things in life.  Why is it I see things totally different from others?  All the time? Why is it only a few really “get me”?  Why am I always questioning reality?  Challenging my belief system. There is never a day that goes by that I don’t think a “What if …” question that would change reality for everyone.  Like, what if everyone really could talk telepathically?  What would life be like?


And … I am dreaming.  I live in a world sometimes that no one else can see. Where things like time coexist on another plane somewhere else. Crazy I tell you. I am always thinking, wishing and dreaming of that life I always wanted to live. Rich and famous. Lots of parties. Writing my books.  We can always dream.  I think the world needs more dreamers. More people who have a dream job, or a dream goal, or a dream life.   Have you ever had a dream that was so real you would have sworn your life on it?  I have. There was a time that I sometimes had difficulty distinguishing my dream life from my reality life.  Like sometimes I would dream that my kitty Meeko was still around.  But it seemed so real, that I could feel her soft fur touch my hand.  But that’s impossible, she’s been dead over six months now. Sometimes I hear her little meow.  And I just think to myself, “I must be remembering a dream or something because there is no way that really happened”. Or did it?


I am living.  I am taking every day and making the best out of it.  I look to tomorrow with wisdom and hope. I treasure yesterday and store away special memories in my photographic memory. And I live for today. Always thankful and loving for what I am and who I am.  If I were to die tomorrow, at least I could say that I lived today.