I have learned over the sands of time that the most powerful weapon we could ever fathom to harness, is that of the power of the word.  Words can cut like a knife, leaving a wound or a scar. They can destroy someone faster than a bullet.  It is words that formed our great nation, and it is words that tear it apart.  It is words that form the song that sing to our hearts.  And it is words that our ears hear. But first, thoughts must become words.  And it is words that become deeds.

There are many, many words that enter my consciousness on a daily basis. I listen to the words on a regular basis that are not my own. I read other peoples thoughts on the computer screen.  Many people listen to my thoughts. They read … my words.

An instant message is technology that manifested into our reality as actual proof on how quickly a “thought” can be transmitted across distances of thousands of miles, in the blink of an eye.  So why is it so far fetched for people to not be able to “think” a thought to someone without technology?  We use technology in our cell phones in a text message.  The method of the message is insignificant.

I ponder the effects of a thought entering another person’s mind and positively or negatively impacting that consciousness.  Our civilization will one day evolve to use telepathy instead of words.  In the meantime we can all just think that when we think of someone, and they think of you at the same instant, that it’s just something called a coincidence.

So when people pray for you … send you their love, think positive thoughts … what really is the implication? What effect does it have?