There is something in our lives that we put value on.  For certain people there is a dollar amount associated with it, for other people it’s what was lost because of it. That something is called time. I marvel at the many individuals who come into my life and actually listen to me. I sometimes think I am just spouting off this eternal fountain of wisdom only to myself to listen, read, and apply in my life. But tonight I was talking with the twin and asking him questions and he said something that immediately made me spit out “Something becomes important to you when you associate value to that thing.  That value may just be your own precious personal time. It will become important to you when you associate value to that.”


I didn’t give it really that much thought and our conversation continued to transpire as I quickly realized the value of a telephone call. I haven’t talked with my brother actually ON the phone in a long time and we joked how both of our phones had broken keypads and so we can’t dial out, just receive calls.  He said he was shocked when I called.  I guess I am pretty bad at that. I told him if it’s important that I will make a concerted effort to call him more to just “chat”.  Can you believe there is someone out there that looks just like me and talks more than ‘I’ do?  I, know, right?


So later in the conversation the twin decides to tell me “It’s like how you said something becomes important when you associate that value to it”.  I paused for a second, thinking to myself “Did he really just repeat back to me what I just taught him?  Is it conceivable that he is retaining some of my spiritual wisdom?  Wow. I think so.” We’ll see how it influences his life this week and what and how he interprets life now with this new perspective on life.


Lately I have been looking at life through the eyes of a statistician.  I have been developing hypothesis on every day life to either prove or disprove a theory I have about something.  So here is my hypothesis for my brother.  “I believe that when individuals are given a new source of information that he/she feels is credible, will take that information and place value on it.  With such given information, the subject will then interpret outside stimuli with internal responses and gut reaction with either counter the new stimuli or reaffirm the new thought belief.”  In English?  Okay, basically I am a trusted source for my brother, an authority figure in a way, and because I told his brain to look at something differently and determine what is important, he must then decide what to do with that information.  He will then make a conscious decision that will now positively impact his life rather than negatively.


So basically I was telling him that when something is important, … because your mindset has now said “This is important”, for whatever reasons (financial, penalties, hurt feelings, consequences, etc), you will make time for it.


I hear people all the time say things like “I don’t have time for _____.” I look at that person and wonder how long have you been conditioned to live in such a negative life? If you don’t have time for this, then what DO you have time for? Because obviously it’s not yourself.  People will ultimately make time for something, or someone when it is important to them.  I decided a long time ago in life that I was going to always make time for “me”.  I was going to do something for me that only benefited myself.  I thought maybe it was to meditate every day. Maybe it was read a book, or play my Wii.  But whatever it was, it had to be something JUST for me.  I finally decided that it was going to be writing.  It’s probably one of the reasons I write so much. I have a passion, a drive, a desire to create a world we live in shaped by something as simple and elegant as words.



Each one of us on this planet live life at different times.  Some people occupy themselves with so many “things” that they feel they don’t have enough time to complete all the things in life that they want to do on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.  When I get up in the morning, I have the exact same amount of minutes in my day in a 24 hour period that you do.  Now what I do to occupy those minutes all comes down to, “What do I put value, and hence, my time into today?”  We all have “things” we need to do, and there are things we “want” to do.

What if life were a little simpler, and rather than always feeling that you don’t have enough time to do things, you scale down your priorities list? Use your daytimer and list out the things you want to accomplish in a month’s time.  Don’t load yourself up with so many “things” to do in a 24 hour period.  You know, it will be perfectly okay to do laundry on a Wednesday night.  Occupying all your free “time” with chores makes you feel like you are SO busy.



Time is only precious when you make it precious.  Time is of the essence. Time is money.  Only when you associate time WITH money. Time, like many of the other amazing things in life, is merely just a state of mind.