Time is a demon that ravishes our body, destroying what beauty we once held in our mind, as youthful.  Time is linear.  Time is spacial. And yet, time is a luxury that many never fortune themselves on a regular basis.  Time is a weapon.  Time can be on your side. Time can be against you. Time is money.  We never have enough time.  We have too much time on our hands.


Time can be many things.  Time can also not be many things.  A picture captures the moment … in time.  You can have the time of your life.  It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.


It was perfect timing. It was just in time.  It was a time out. Sometime?  Any time. My time.  The time clock.  A hard time.  An easy time.  Happy times.


Time.   It’s always an interesting concept that our consciousness attempts to define as the constraints of the guiding factors of our reality.