Sail Away

The chimes sounded softly in the background drone of life. The whispers of sadness slowly drifted down the street. Foggy days were washed away with hopeful bells of laughter. Magic resided in the smiles and warm hearts that surrounded me. I thought I sat on an island by myself. But the warm breezes of happiness reassured me once again that I am not in the harbor of darkness anymore. My sails have set as the tides of change embraced me once again, preparing me for even the roughest of battles on the stormy seas of life.

I dropped my anchor of fears and hesitation and instead looked through my periscope of hope toward the sunny days ahead that I looked forward to.  I could feel the cool breezes of inspiration hit my tired face once again. I breathed in a sigh of relief and let out the desperation.  And once again I reminded myself that it’s all in my mind.

And from the book of Aaron, “Life is what YOU make of it, not what IT makes of you.”