New Moon Wish/Mercury (12.22.2007)

So I was reading about the moon phase (, Mercury is in retrograde and the new moon started December 9th. So as I read more, it said to write down your wishes, up to ten, as they will come true.  It just so happened to be magically when things in my life started looking up and I said “My cup runneth over”. But the thing is, I know I made some wishes for my friends.  I went back to my blog on the 9th and I know exactly what wishes I made and which ones are coming true. One of those wishes was to make the speeding ticket go away. Poof. Wish granted.  ON the 9th, the first day of the new moon.  I tell ya, if you weren’t a believer before you should be by now. There is no such thing as coincidence I tell you.  Things happen for a reason.  I never think it’s a coincidence when someone tells me their wish came true. I think it’s amazing.  A dream is a wish that you heart makes.  Can a heart make a wish?  A heart can break.  A heart can be full of joy. A heart can be heavy.  But can your heart make a wish?  I think you can make a wish, from the heart.  And those are the ones that are more likely to come true.