My Wish For You

If you were given the ability to grant one wish FOR someone else, what would the one thing you would wish for that person?  Say for instance, I wish that my best friend ______ falls in love with _____ in 30 days and lives happily ever after.  Or I could wish that my best friend ______ can live a life healthy with no medical conditions (or mental).  Or I could wish that my friend _____ finally finds peace and happiness. Or wish that my friend _____ could find some self esteem. Actually I’d like all my friends to find whatever they are seeking. For some it may definitely be intrinsic, and for others very much materialistic.  So if you were to make a wish for me, what would wish?  Just to be happy?  Aren’t I already?  I’ll help you if you’re stuck. You can wish for Aaron to get published and be rich and famous. 😉  There.  I said it. You can say it too. The power of the Secret will make it come true. Hey, that rhymed.