My Energy

Days of happiness and nights of enlightenment pass by as the moon circles overhead so subtly yet ever so present. Clouds of frustration blow out of our lives as the winds of inspiration cool the challenges of perspiration that glisten on our worrisome forehead.


The darkened mindset has left our lives while a new brighter, sunnier window of tomorrow opens once again.  As I open the doors of my prosperity, I proclaim my thanks to the Universe for showing me the light.  There are certain laws in this Universe we must obey.  You cannot change a fact. For ultimate truth can never be changed. The sun is bright. That is a truth. All living things must eat. We control our thoughts.


I live a life with the mindset that I am put on this planet, in this life to be something much bigger than I can possibly fathom right now.  My goal is I want to change the world … with a thought. Slowly but surely, my energy is touching many lives, each and every day.  I give a little bit of my power, my energy to anyone I touch, and thus, I have positively impacted that person’s life for the better.  Maybe it was only to give that person confidence? Maybe it was to teach them a lesson. Maybe it was just for that person to question his/her own higher purpose?


The ultimate reward for me is when one of my pupils (enrolled in the University of Life, taught by me), takes what I said and applies it in his/her life.  I know when they are using particular words, thoughts, ideas, that it was me that taught that to them. My students at the college really take what I say to heart.  Once I responded to the student that I spent a half hour on his resume for him to do nothing with it.  I said I don’t do this because it’s fun for me. I’d rather be playing Wii. He told me because of that he worked even harder, to gain my approval.  To this day he holds me in the highest respect.


And then there’s the student I caught cheating,  He copied a cover letter out of the book and “changed a few words”. Cheating is cheating in my book, and in his case, the grade book.  I didn’t report him to the school. But I made him sweat bullets for 48 hours before I responded. I taught him that cheating has severe consequences, brought on by a choice HE made. He’ll never cheat again.  He had to write an essay explaining himself. Him putting it to paper, admitting what he did was the worse punishment I could have possibly given him.  He does have a conscious. And I put his conscious into his consciousness.  And like with all my students I let him know that it all started with a thought, and the smart idea of his that he could cheat. Cause and effect. You cheat, you get caught, you get expelled.  They all choose their words wisely in my classroom. I think it teaches responsibility if you think before you express yourself. I ask them if they have ever heard of a Reader’s Digest.  Most have. I suggest that some of them start reading it so they aren’t writing like fifth graders, but the educated, intelligent professionals I know they are. Wow, talk about kicking it up a few notches.  I have a high regard to individuals who can express themselves with more than “Cool dude. Right on.”


I think some of my friends talk more intelligently around me than they normally “think”. I love it when I can learn something from my friends.  Like this past weekend I learned I am SO loved.  And if you don’t agree, look at who’s kissing me.  I couldn’t believe how much energy was shared, back and forth.  It was just amazing. Love truly is one of the strongest emotions there is.  When you’re in love no one can rain on your parade. But if you give it some thought, … some attention, love is also … just a state of mind.  You CAN recreate that feeling again, anytime you want. I know I can. I close my eyes and Paula and Brittany are both kissing me and I’m just feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.  So with that, I highly suggest you delete and get rid of ANY photo that you have that captured any bad energy. It works both ways.  If you have pictures of people you don’t need to be in your life, then GET RID OF THEM. Pictures have power. That is after all how we create our own reality.  We visualize in pictures, not words. We read words, but we see in pictures.