Lunar Light

Stags of nines, forth forest dark, shine upon thine by the Seeds of lunar light. Amongst thy heavenly bodies of grandiose divine intelligence, lingers the key to the doorway of opportunity.  Seven of seven on the twentieth of the fourth creation unfolds and comes to fruition in our not so distant present. Thy subconscious desires and wishes breakthrough deep seeded insecurities and disbelief as the suspension of the disbelief unravels like a white ball of yarn. Shining and shimmering out of the darkness once again, silent subconscious messages burst into flames of reality. The magic stirs impatiently, unable to quiet the anxious tomorrow that is behind the one place it has always been, … the window of opportunity, and the door to a bigger, better, brighter future.

Unconditional thoughts of gratitude burn deep within ones self, experiencing a sense of bliss. This bliss is communicated to the Universe through your thoughts and words. I give thanks on a daily basis. I proclaim to the Universe who, and what I am thankful for. And in the thanksgiving, It is when you receive the most. And the law of attraction is deployed in your jump suit as you parachute down, using the law of gravity, terror and fear strike you.  At the same time an exhilarating  experience.

Great things happen to those who are in a continual state of gratitude.  I give thanks for many things in my life. Think about the feeling you experience when you forgive someone. It’s pretty powerful. I give thanks to myself, forgiving me for letting me down. And then finally we come to a point that we just have to let go. Release it in your mind and it will be released in your life. That which I proclaim does not even doubt or resist, for the words have been spoken.