Just a Thought

“What’s holding you back?”  I asked the question again.  This time more demanding.  I wanted an answer. But the answer was not going to come so easily this time.  There was going to be some pain, hurting and truth that was to come out of this person if I was ever going to get to the real reason behind the excuses. “I’m getting tired of asking the same question and you not fessing up. What is holding you back?”


I asked myself that same question, over and over and over again. I didn’t know if anything was holding me back. Sure I had my own dreams of things I wanted to pursue, but is that all they ever were … was dreams?  Or were they illustrations my soul was painting about my life in an altered state … sleep. Many times I used to dream about the future. As a kid I always had a sense of de ja vu.  As a child, I couldn’t explain it. I thought everyone felt that.  I always somehow managed to get myself in a lot of trouble, but got to be VERY good at getting out of it.  I’m pretty sure that most five year olds don’t know what the word manipulate really means.  Who knew it was a bad word?  Not me.  I don’t think I ever thought it was bad until I was a grown up. I have been told that I constantly manipulate people all the time and I am so good at it I don’t even recognize or know that I am doing it.  Yeah, that was also when I was also called a sociopath. Yeah, we’re not friends anymore.


But if you really think about it, manipulating isn’t bad. Isn’t that what we are doing to our consciousness as we shift our mindset? We are manipulating our thoughts in a manner that we normally wouldn’t choose.  The thing that I think made me different was when I asked myself a question in my mind, I usually got an answer.  Sometimes it wasn’t the one I wanted to hear.  Someone told me once it was my conscious.  Like the little angel that sat on my shoulder telling me what was right or wrong.  Sometimes when you need to hear a voice you don’t.  Like “Oh PLEASE someone help me. Someone come to my rescue”.  And no one hears you.  But I know of times that I have called out to someone for help, and like a wish come true, that person responds saying “I was just thinking of you and thought I’d just call”.  There is no such thing as coincidence. Your powerful creating “thought” reached out to someone, … and they heard you.  It’s happened to me. Things happen for a reason, and your thoughts, as you learn to control them, use them, and harness them to do your bidding, as you manipulate them for the goodness in your life that you so desire and deserve.


Many of us live in a life of being ungrateful. We are ungrateful and we feel ungrateful. We don’t deserve the riches that life has to offer. We think life is a challenge, and so because your mindset, your thoughts … chose that thought, and that is exactly what life becomes… a challenge.  But when you are living in a life of gratitude, the Universe responds and provides even more.   Perhaps it’s just a shift in your perception of life, because your mindset is in a state of thankfulness.  In reality life may not have dramatically changed for the better overnight, but for some reason all of the sudden, things aren’t quite so bad.  Some people have these experiences when they have a near death experience.  You don’t have to have such a shock to the system like that to wake up and smell the blossoming prosperity that is rightfully yours.  You can have that now because you choose to do so.


Our thoughts, become ideas, and ideas manifest into our reality every day as something new is invented.  Something we are ungrateful, and never gives thanks for is the Internet.  It too, was just someones “thought” that revolutionized the world we all live, eat, and breathe.  Think your thoughts don’t have power?  Think again.


“Everyday as I get
up I think of how
my thoughts will
impact and affect
the lives of each
student, friend,
family, and
Thoughts have


“Control your emotions, or they will control you”.
— Aaron M. Stephens
Writer & Spiritual Life Coach
(I am just being cute on the title, but one day …)