Inalienable Truths

There are certain inalienable truths that we choose to ignore, yet due to the Universal laws that consciously surround our vast treasure of core beliefs, we live a life of denial.  Because we choose to believe, … whatever you want to believe, you are per se, creating the living heaven or living hell on a daily basis.   Here is the truth; you will continue to reap the reality you sow, until a certain threshold is so unbearable that we finally give in to our truths and admit that some things are going to have to change, either consciously or at the subconscious level.


For instance, you may hate your job so much, but until you can no longer bear it, and you begin to become miserable, and you eventually will do something about it.  It might be a co-worker.  It could be the salary, you just can’t struggle anymore.  You hate your job.  But did you ever really like it?  Why? What was your mindset at the time?  Can you replicate that feeling?  Visualize what made it good. This doesn’t have to be a job, this could be someone in your life.  Such as an old friend? When did we grow apart? Can you replicate that feeling of when you DID like that person again?


That is the power of a thought.  And with just a few of my thoughts, have caused you to create and recreate a memory … recreate a feeling.  Words can cut like a knife, but the power of a single thought can pierce the trust and love in the heart forever.  It could be for the good or the bad of mankind. Think about ONE person in your life that you love unconditionally.  No matter what, you would give anything for this person, … it could be even your life.  I love my brother unconditionally, and if he need a kidney it was his.  Blood, no problem. Bone marrow?  Of course.  Thinking that if MY twin brother needed me, … puts a strong feeling in my heart. All, … with a thought.  I personally think “love thoughts” are the most powerful ones out there. When someone does something for another person out of love.  You do something nice for someone because you love them, even if it’s something that you don’t want to do; like take out the garbage, or scoop the snow on the walk.  There are probably many people in your life that you would risk your life to save theirs. Pushing someone out of danger and you would take the fall.  That kind of thing.


I challenge you to question yourself, just as I do with my students. “Who am I?” It’s a question that the students have to answer, and they have to do it in 30 seconds.  I gave a thought about myself for a moment and the first thing that jumped into my mind is, “I am a spiritual nexus alchemist, harnessing the power of my thoughts to change lives for the better.” There are lessons to be learned. There is pride that must be swallowed.  Some must learn to wear humility on their sleeves.  Many will face themselves and have the courage to decide what path to take to be that person that they so desperately yearn to be.


“Be mindful of your thoughts Young Jedi, for they will betray you.”