I Have Found

Have you ever had those moments in life that you look forward to and you just can’t wait for that event to happen?  Of course you have, we were all kids once and just “couldn’t wait until Christmas”. Well, those of us that are Christians anyway. I just found out if you’re a Jehovah’s Witness you didn’t get Christmas.  Wow, talk about sucky.  So then when that big day comes, whether it be a birthday, new job day, orientation, first day of school, first wedding, Christmas, or a special friend coming to visit, it comes and goes and before you know it … it’s over. All the presents unwrapped, driving home after the first day of work, opening your textbooks to start your first “homework” (Yeah I’m that instructor that assigns things the first day of class), or driving your friend back to the airport, it’s all over.  You take a deep breath, reflect about some of the best times you’ve ever had … and just hold on to them and treasure them forever.  That’s how I felt about this weekend. And this is what I learned all in one weekend. Yes I wrote this, it isn’t something that has been forwarded across the internet a million times.

I have found that good friends make for good times.
I have found that giving someone an unexpected compliment will make anyone’s day.
I have found that introducing myself first, … it forces me to have courage.
I have found that you can misjudge someone by their looks.
I have found that a friend who shares information is opening a door of trust with me.
I have found that distance does not separate friendship.
I have found many new friends in my own backyard.
I have found out about my own fears, based on what I see in my friends.
I have found that I can make many people’s day, simply by showing up.
I have found that my friends value and love me.
I have found that I would rather give it all away, than to receive.
I have found that sometimes you really do have to give more than you expect.
And I have found the best times are when you go into the day expecting nothing.  “No expectations”. That way if something doesn’t go as YOU might have wanted them planned, you are not disappointed.

So I guess I have to say that I really am a fly by the seat of my pants kind of guy.