I Give … Thanks

The ancient scripts of time thwarted by destiny itself unraveled to me the ageless, timeless, secrets that since the dawn of time, man has search and never quite found the secret of the universe; the meaning of life.

Days of clouded judgment were behind me as once again as the mindless empty conversations all of the sudden came together as the four corners of a puzzle soon to begin to form that image of life, all in one image/picture.  Life all of the sudden has a different perspective, and in a sense, it has a different meaning now.


Things before, would shift your perception, feelings, and emotions, and of course your consciousness to another level, creating person that you didn’t want to be. But now, you can understand how some of the spiritual leaders, such as the Dali Lama, can live life so harmoniously.


Exterior stimuli that enter into your consciousness have little effect on your spiritual being.  You know you are on this planet to experience it.  During that journey, those experiences will create this thing we call, life.  You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Not a physical being having a spiritual experience.


So once again, with a life full of love and a heart full of thanks, I give thanks to the Universe for granting me the power of choice, and so with it, I choose to create my prosperous life, utilizing and exercising one of many of the Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction.  Ask. Believe. Receive.  Energy flows where attention goes.

Life somehow seems a little more enjoyable when it’s a life full of love.  So share your love, give it away. It will return to you in ten fold. This is another simple law of the Universe, the Law of Circulation.  Many people just like to refer to is as “karma”.