I changed my mind

So one of the things I had started saying this past year was “No expectations. No disappointments.”  And I said that to a lot of things. One of the things specifically that I was doing was retraining my brain to think in a different mindset.


What happens when you plan something in your mind, say an event; and for whatever reason, it does not go as planned.  It didn’t go the way YOU wanted it. And so while everyone was having a great time, you were sulking because _____ didn’t show up, or _______ left early.  You preset the expectation that X had to happen or Y wouldn’t BE happy. But if you decided beforehand that it didn’t matter who was there, what happened, you were going to enjoy yourself no matter what.  It WAS your party after all. And because you weren’t expecting anything, or anyone to show up, you had the best of times.

But this simple concept can be applied to anything and everything in life.  It doesn’t mean you don’t have goals and objectives, it means you are BEING objective.  Don’t put that internal pressure, that stress on yourself to always be in control.  Just because you help people all the time doesn’t mean you don’t need a helping hand once in awhile too.


All these years I have been told “Don’t focus that negative energy on something you can’t control” was truer than I knew. Energy goes where attention flows.  Quit beating yourself up.  The only person’s opinion of you that should EVER count, should be yours.  And if you don’t think you’re fantastic then you need to spend some one on one time with me.


So instead of constantly beating yourself up for stupid stuff, start complimenting yourself for all the wonderful stuff. And who cares if someone hears you; it’s your life and you can live it however you want.