Friends & Money

Some times in life I contemplate the reason why we have friends, … and friendships. What do they provide? What is it’s purpose and usefulness? Is there one?  When someone is done with you, or you are done with them, do they no longer serve a purpose and is it time to dispose of them? What is the reason that people come and go in and out of our lives like money?


We save it.  We treasure it. We place value on it. Just like we do on our friends.  And like money, it goes in and out of your life faster than you’d like sometimes.  And sometimes you have lots of it (like friends), more than you can do with it.

Sometimes you do good with your money, like you do you friends. And sometimes you waste it foolishly, like wasting your friendship on a person. How many friends have you invested time and energy on to never have it returned to you?  Probably more than you’d care to admit.


But friendship, like money can be abused. Placing little or no value on it.  We make bad decisions with money, like we do with friends. Sometimes we loan money to our friends and we never see it again.  Sometimes we never see our friends again. Sometimes we never see our friends with our money again.

So friends, and their friendship associated with us, all have a reason and a purpose in our lives.  It’s just a matter of determining how we embrace that friendship or how we embrace that friend that it will be meaningful and purposeful for each and every one of us.