“When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate.”

— Carl Jung



You are continually projecting outward and attracting inward in form of results, who and what you are. You live in a perfect Universe.  Such a loving Universe is mirroring back “who you are”.


Here is a test.  If you can’t spend a minimum of one hour in your living room alone with no television, no music, no computer, no cell phone, no pda, no magazines, no books, no food, no pets, no alcohol, no distraction whatsoever, then you don’t like yourself very much. And how can you expect anyone else to enjoy your company if you can’t do it yourself?  And no sleep.  A perfect relationship with anyone starts with knowing thyself.  Sit for one hour and do it.


Know thyself and you will possess the keys to the Universe and the secrets of the gods.  So as you go inside and discover who you are and have a deeper and more profound vibration with thyself and you will project that outward and it will be reflected in you by those you attract to you.


Fate favors the bold.  If you are never willing to be bold in your action, you will never scratch the surface of your potential.  Thoughts. Words. Actions.  They also favor the bold.