Clouded Perception

The storm clouds roll in and a darkness sets on society’s perception of what life is and what life isn’t. I hear so many individuals who express in so many words, or in not so many words of what they see in life that makes them happy or what makes them unhappy.  The funny thing is, most of the things that people discuss are things that can easily be changed by changing your perception on life.


“Be mindful of your thoughts young Jedi, for they will betray you.”


This has been burned into my consciousness and subconscious.  It took me many years to really understand what it really meant, but it refers to one of the Universal principles that I have been advocating for some time now … the Law of Attraction.  How will your thoughts betray you? Well if you are in a negative frame of mind, you think negative thoughts and they proliferate and create in your reality.  Who knew there was so much wisdom in Star Wars? I did. 😉


The sad reality is that there are only a small percentage of the population that have any idea that they can change their life by something as simple as …. a thought.  I know that it’s difficult and challenging to always be in spiritual state of mind when something perceived as bad happens.  But you know what? I know that there are millions of people who look back in life and think that whatever perceived as bad at the time, was actually a blessing in disguise and needed to happen. And now, they understand the reason. Their consciousness was clouded with fear and doubt at the time and prevented seeing the bigger picture.


Everything happens for a reason.


Let the rays of inspiration and hope shine through those clouded perceptions. Change your frame of mind and you’ll change your life.