Best Friend (5.30.2008)

“Friends are like money, easy come … easy go”.

I sat there thinking about how true this sentiment is.  There are times that we “think” that a certain person is going to be a part of your life forever.  Like, “We’re the best of friends and we’ll always be there for each other until the end.”  I can’t begin to list the number of “Best Friends” that I have had in my life.  My brother, although rude and crass, is brutally honest.  He will meet my “best friend” and tell them he won’t see them again because I go through best friends like people go through money.  Gone before you ever really had it. Allison wrote something along those lines … friends coming and going.  She lets people out of her life that are not healthy or good for her.  I think that goes true with a lot of people.  But how many friends have you had that are in abusive relationships?  That could be something as simple as that person always letting you down.  So I thought about it a little bit, wondering why it is that people in my life seem so … disposable.  My answer is … that person has served his or her purpose and it is time to move on.  You are either here to teach me something or I am here to teach you something.  The lessons must be learned and I am not just a professor at a college, I am an instructor in life.


I look back at the past five, ten, fifteen years … pondering who was in my life then and who is in my life now.  There are some individuals who are in my life for the sole/soul purpose of making me laugh and providing entertainment and joy. And yet, … they still serve their purpose.  So look around in your life, who is here now?  Who is important? Who do you give your time and attention? Who makes YOU feel important? Those are the people you should hang onto … tightly,  for in the years to come you will not only value their friendship, you will treasure it.