2012 is the year for many people.  Many people have high hopes and dreams of having a job. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have heard someone say “I am going to get a job this year!” And I think to myself, “You should come to one of my workshops”.  The more and more I think and plan out the business, the more I discover how real it can be.  I think advertising is the way to go. Get the name out.  I still am not going to stray from my original plan and offer this to my fellow church members.  I really feel that there is someone at my church who is praying for a miracle.  They don’t need a miracle, they just need some of the right pointers and guidance, which I can provide.


Yes, two thousand twelve is going to be the year for me as well. My only goal for the company is to help people get a job. Alongside of that, provide a generous part time income.  “Do what you love and the money will follow.”  I love being able to make a positive impact on someone’s life, that it will be changed forever for the better.  I told my friend Corrine that I wanted to change the world.  She smiled at me.  I then said, “And I am doing it one mind at a time, one class at a time, one semester at a time. I can’t do it overnight, but I sure can make a dent in the next decade to come.” She said I inspired her.

In some of my readings I found that there are a lack of role models for our children, our generation. I know what that is like. Who DO you look up to? Whom is someone you want to emulate? And why is this person such a great person?  Many people say their role model is a parent or a teacher, some authority figure.  It really is amazing as to whom is actually listening, and the things that they remember. Many people can recite word for word a conversation and can tell me what I was wearing the first time they met me.  I thought about that for awhile, contemplating the marvelous building blocks of self esteem that can be given out daily, but rarely is.  When was the last time someone gave you a nice compliment? When was the last time YOU gave a compliment?  Even if it is to the same person day after day, think of something new to say.  You may be surprised at how much it will improve your relationships.  I found a simple thing as starting an email off with a “Hi there …” rather than just using the first name can instantly change the tone of an email. Who you are, is also determined by the words you choose, … or the words you don’t choose to use.


So I thought of a cool catch phrase, tag line for the company.

“We train candidates how to interview. Who trained you?”

The idea behind this little quick catch phrase is to get the person thinking, and question their own abilities. Everyone can probably use some brushing up on their skills. At any rate, it will be an easy segway for me to talk to people about the company and the services offered. Still waiting to hear about outdoor advertising and I am waiting for an RFQ from Marriott. And school starts on Friday!