The Best Part of the Trip?

Anytime you go on an extraordinary trip, people want to know the best part of the trip. The first thing that pops into my head is the absolutely amazing scenery.  Sure I live in the Rocky Mountains, but it isn’t anything like the Swiss Alps. Both are beautiful in their own way.  I loved cruising down the river on the sun deck, just taking it all in. There were quite a few times I didn’t take my camera out at all.  Seriously. While I wanted to document the trip, I also wanted to enjoy it.  I really liked people watching.  Hey it’s free, and it’s extremely interesting on a whole different continent.  People have different outfits, shoes, haircuts/styles, cars and attitudes.  It is usually always crowded, so it is not uncommon at all to be sitting in a restaurant or a table and have a total stranger sit down and eat with you.  I watched this in the McDonald’s.  I loved hearing all the different languages as I walked by the natives.  In some countries you would hear several different languages, all in the same room, street, or even church.  I found Koln to be very “touristy” and saw several walking tour groups, all wearing headsets as well. The headsets were really cool. The guide talks into a microphone that transmits about 30 feet, like Bluetooth.  That way everyone can hear what he/she is saying and you if you can’t hear, you can always turn it up.  I have to confess that many times I had mine turned down and my iPod turned up. Life is much more interesting when you add your own soundtrack.


So as I think back on all the fantastic things that I experienced, the most memorable, best part is, and always will be the food.  I had the best pretzel in Cologne, Germany, the best raspberry sundae in Lucerne, Switzerland, and some pretty amazing der weiner-schnitzel on a river boat down the Rhine River somewhere past Frankfurt. I won’t even begin to go on how great the wine was.  My protein breakfasts were simply the best.  Salmon, bacon, eggs, croissants, all kinds of breads, cheeses, fruits, pancakes, … everything. I loved it.  Although I did miss my morning English muffins.  Oh well, on the whole scheme of things, a very minor thing compared to everything else that made the trip just perfect.  I was also very thankful for the amazing weather we had.  I was told it was going to rain a lot. I even packed a raincoat and umbrella.  I guess I lucked out on that one.