River vs. Ocean Cruise

When you tell someone you are going on a cruise, the first thought is something along the lines of the Love Boat or a Carnival cruise. From what I had heard from people who took an ocean liner cruise, like Titanic, you can get some wobbly feet from the rocking.  A river cruise is nothing like an ocean cruise, from what I have been told. The river cruise was smooth, no rocking, and ever so gentle.  It would gently kiss the dock and you wouldn’t even know if you were moving or not.  Well, if you were at the back of the boat by the engine, you would certainly know. I was fortunate to be on the top level, near the center of the ship. I was on vacation for almost 2 weeks.  I could have easily enjoyed another day or two just drifting down the river with my camera at hand.  I loved being a photo journalist.  Maybe one day that’s what I’ll do for a living. I will take adventures with my camera across the world and then blog about them.  You don’t have to win the lottery to travel the world, you just need a really good travel agent and a credit card.