Cop a Feel

As I was about to depart from Europe, from Amsterdam, I had the privilege of watching how the body scanners operate. If you weren’t aware, the body scanner is a circular device that spins around you, while your hands are up in the air. It detects differences in contrast on you.  Things that can, and will cause alarm could be something like a wallet, key, or even a watch.  For whatever reason, the Dutch don’t care if you watch the process. If they suspect anything they have no problem at all grabbing, feeling, or groping whatever it was that set it off.  The officer got a little friendly with my back pockets. My credit cards were in my pocket. On the monitor screen there is a blurred “voo doo” doll like figure that sort of represents you. There is no face of course and there are no actual outlines of body privates. But you can see where and what is setting it off. So, the second time I went through security in D.C., I knew that I should hold my money clip and wallet in my hand as I went through the scanner.  I passed without a grope.  I felt a little safer knowing that our international borders were so protective.  I also felt better knowing you couldn’t get back into the states without a full body scan. And if you were ever to try and smuggle something in, they have no issues at all sliding a finger or two alongside your waistband.  Something else I noticed, was they always asked permission to body pat/search you. Another thing is when you are going through international borders/customs, you should stick together with your party, but when you go through the U.S. customs, it is one person per custom claim ticket form. I don’t think they are actual cops, but they sure do like to act like it. When I go for my interview for my Global Entry Pass, I’ll find out.  That is now tentatively scheduled for me in Las Vegas in June.