German Black Forest

A major part of any trip you go on is the many wonderful cuisines and tastes of the world you experience. In my case, I am feasting on international five star gourmet dishes every meal. In Switzerland they have the wonderful chocolates. The other thing that entices my arousal are the heavenly scents of fresh baked bread. I don’t remember when I started taking pictures of my meals when I traveled, but it’s just an Aaron thing that I do. Is the food not part of the amazing experience in another culture? I think so. So it gets a photo too. By the way, it is not easy getting good photos of food, especially when you are hungry.  They have been feasting us on treasures of the world from our fine chef.  I have been trying to take pictures of menus.  When we are on shore most of the menus are in another language.  Time is expressed in military time.  Speaking of time, the next day we were off to the Black Forest in Germany to see where cuckoo clocks were made. The bus ride was nice. The country side is beautiful. The grass is so green and the fields look like something out of a picture book.  I have tried really hard to make my photos picture book quality.

Walking through the small German and France towns is quite an experience.  I have gotten really good at “Bonjour” and “Guten Morgen”.  Yeah, I’m not really a tourist.  Although, one day I wore my Husker pullover.  Like that doesn’t shout American.