Swiss Alps

Saturday was kind of interesting.  We got on a train and headed to Lucerne.  It’s about an hour by train. The countryside was beautiful.  Everything is so green. And yes, there are lots of cows in the fields. Where do you think all that cheese comes from?  I really had no expectations of what or where we were going to do for the day.   If I didn’t mention it before I am on a tour group, so everything is planned out for me.  Once we got to Lucerne we were free to do whatever. So we started on our little journey looking for something cool.  My only objective was to take as many pictures as possible. My plan is to get another digital picture frame and put all of my photos on it.  I’d like to get about a hundred pictures a day, and right now I am averaging about 150-200 pictures.  Isn’t technology wonderful?  No film.  One of the things that I find just fascinating is all the different architecture. So I got about a hundred or so yesterday. We walked and walked and walked.  I forgot to bring my pedometer, but I am just sure that it was miles and miles.

Interesting things that I learned yesterday. Europeans don’t tip. (To Insure Prompt Service).  The service isn’t very prompt.  But once they find out you are an American the service gets much better. Europeans can tell you are an American by your shoes.  All the men have the same haircut.  There is an expensive Swiss watch store on every other corner.  There are 3 wireless carriers here.  Swisscom, Orange and something else.  Swisscom, like at&t also provides landline service.  All the phone booths were Swisscom.  Their networks here are lousy and slow.  My iPad kept losing service and sometimes worked.  When it did work, it was great for translations, mapping, GPS, where to eat, what to do.  I highly recommend that anyone who travels internationally have some sort of technology device to help out.  iPhones are everywhere.  And everyone smokes.  It actually is getting kind of annoying having so many people smoking everywhere. Cigarette smoke stinks.  Literally.  It makes me want to throw up in mouth.  I find myself holding my breath as I walk through so many clouds of smoke. Everywhere has an outdoor eating/drinking area.  You still can’t smoke in a restaurant, but you can in hotels. And Europeans eat and smoke at the same time. Gross.  When it is warm out people lay out in the sun in public places to get tan. European men have no shame. Some people really need to cover up and not go out in public like that.  Gross.  Things are pretty expensive here.  A coca cola costs about $4 USD everywhere you go.  They import it here. Coke is an American thing. Of course there are McDonalds, Burger King and Starbucks here. There are few American influences in Switzerland.

Today we are free to explore Basel, and from what I gather I have been roped into going to a museum.  I like museums. We will just have to see what today has in store for us.