I Wish …

It is amazing how many people make wishes on a daily basis. They say “I wish …” without even thinking of the repercussions or the outcome of the wish. A wish. What is a wish? Well, many people have a different idea of what a wish is. What it isn’t. Or what it could be. A wish, simply, is a soul’s intention exercises in the real world as the beginning of an affirmation that may or may not come true. Walt Disney coined it famously as “A dream is a wish that your heart makes.” Quite clever if you ask me. He even gave it a special song so everyone would know it.

A wish can be a miracle. It can be a disaster. It can go awry. How does the Universe know exactly what it is you are wishing? It can’t. Why do some people’s wishes come true and other people’s not? Who is to say it didn’t but because of factors outside your control, you may never know the real truth behind it. Sometimes a wish can have a negative effect. Like someone says something negative, in the form of a wish (one’s heart true desire) and the Universe still picks up on it and grants the wish. So perhaps “wish” in the vocabulary meaning of things does not necessarily mean you have to SAY I wish.

I find that many people, when asked if they could have one wish, what would it be, tend to wish for monetary gain, or personal power. It has been said that wishing for personal gain has extreme determental effects. i.e. The Lottery Curse. Many times, those recipients of the lottery (who also wished for it to come true) are driven with greed and power that it consumes their who life and changes them forever. Usually not for the better.

I have never wished to win the lottery.