Role Models

Who is your role model?

We grow up in life admiring or looking up to someone. That person has certain traits and characteristics that you desire. It might be a personality trait, it might be an attitude toward life, but whatever it is, there is something very special about that person. What do you do when that person, such as a parent, is a let down? You look for a new role model.



So I personally looked at all the people who were an influence in my life and who helped shape and mold me into the person I am today. I would like to say that I had very strong role models in my life. Alas, like many starry-eyed kids who are full of hope and wonder, I had to create my own hero. I turned to comic books and fantasy fiction and I would disappear into worlds I can’t begin to describe. When I discovered these imaginary heroes each of them had something that made them unique. Like, Superman always tells the truth. Nice.



So if you are new to my personal blog, you might have noticed that I haven’t updated it in a while. The reason for that is … I have too many blogs and I am always busy writing somewhere. My author website/blog is where you will find the majority of my writing for the past year. That website is more educational and informative, usually with me teaching something to someone. This website/blog is more motivating and inspirational. I can get lost reading the things I wrote. Many times I do not even recall writing it; it is as if I was a scribe for someone/thing else.



At any rate, this is more of a fun blog; at least I think so. I tend to rattle on about all kinds of things. Usually dealing with being a better contributor to society in one fashion or another. Believe it or not, I have a lot of followers who like to read what I write. So I think it is always a good idea to contribute an idea or something that will have positive results; even if it is to just one person.



So what quality in a role model do you feel is important? Is that why you admire that person? I personally am all about the heart and soul. What is your heart and soul doing for the greater good? I look at intention. Words have power. My words have power. It is so easy to share a compliment to a complete stranger and watch as their face lights up with a smile. Super simple and believe me, it has power. Your words have power. Choose them wisely.



Many people are wondering what is up with me? I haven’t been too vocal lately and it is mostly due to work. In addition to being a writer/author, I am also a webmaster. It keeps me really busy. I am working on a new venture in the publishing industry. I can’t say too much about it right now, but it will launch officially on I also have recently purchased a Fitbit bracelet/watch. It is a super fancy pedometer/watch. Check it out if you are curious.



I will say that due to the Fitbit I now am conscious of how much I exercise, walk and work out. I run/walk at least 7 miles a day. I really love it. Plus, I have a bunch of friends who have one also. I already wrote about it so I won’t go into it. I can say it was the best investment I could have ever made, literally. My life depends on being fit and healthy.



If you have been a long-time reader then you know my puppies were both in critical condition. One being hit by a car and the other attacked by a coyote. It was very traumatic, but thankfully, with the power of the angels they were both healed and now can walk and run just fine. If you are a new reader, they are two little miniature pinchers (min pins).



I Innovate. Think different. Be Awesome.

My Family Reunion – Grandma's Funeral

For many of the younger years of my life, Lucille Gilster, was one of my parents. My mom was a single parent with three little children. No education, no money, but a burning desire to succeed my mom, became the shining role model that one day influenced her to change the world for the better.


Grandma took on the role of raising another family, quickly becoming an authority in my life. I remember living in her basement, sleeping on the floor with my twin brother and sister as my mom slept on the fold out couch. It wasn’t forever, but when you are in the 4th grade it seems like an eternity. It is a memory I will never forget. Grandma continued to make us dinners, take us to school, pick us up, and she would even tuck us in bed at night when mom could only get overnight shifts at the hospital.  All through high school and even into college Grandma was always baking rolls, roasting or sauteing something for us. She shared with me her famous chicken and dumpling recipe and her baked bread recipe. Yes her legacy will live on.


As a writer, and a tribute to her, I felt I should honor her by writing about her last experience with myself.


It was a cold bitter December morning as I sat quietly drinking my tea. I waited for the call. I wrapped another blanket around me. I looked over and my phone lit up. It was my mom. “Hello?” I said in my deep morning baritone voice.


“Hi Aaron, I’m with grandma right now holding her hand. I think this is really it.” she said through the sobbing tears. I already knew that today was the day. Angels had visited me during the night and I could sense and feel a change in the vibrational frequencies around me.


I replied back, “I’m sorry mom. I will be holding you in consciousness. I love you.”  She said, “Thank you honey, I will let you know as soon as …” she trailed off not really finishing her sad sentence.  I heard a click and the phone went silent.


I sat in silence for about an hour. Tears streamed down my face and fell onto my blanket. I didn’t bother to wipe them away, as more would just take their place.  My cup of tea was now cold and my computer had shut off due to inactivity. The silence was finally broken as my phone buzzed. It was my sister in law, Cassie. She called to say that Grandma passed away at 11:00 a.m. central time and mom was on the phone talking to one of her sisters. I said thank you and hung up the phone.


Christmas Eve candlelight services were that night and I had five performances that I needed to get through. My heart chakra and my throat chakra hurt, as rapid bursts of emotion interacted with them. I just didn’t know how on earth I could be in front of thousands of people and pretend to be happy. The thought of that was just so overwhelming. So I just sat there and cried. I reached for my glasses as my contact lenses literally fell out of my eyes with my tears.


Eventually I stopped crying and when I did the room was filled with angels. A warm feeling filled my heart and the room and I felt a sense of peace. A messenger came me letting me know that Grandma was happy and I needed to pull myself together, there was a show that I had to be a part of.  My light was burning bright.


I reached out to some of my friends and their love, support and prayers lifted me to a higher level. Somehow I made it though two very long days. The drive back to Nebraska was even longer. It was cold and freezing. The day of the funeral it was raining sleet/ice/snow. I wore my ski gear so I wasn’t so cold; I am used to freezing cold weather skiing.  My Texas relatives were just a wee bit colder.


The funeral at the church was interesting. For one, the soloist couldn’t make it, so everyone was to sing the songs together.  Imagine my surprise when I started belting out “Amazing Grace” and no one else was singing with me but sort of mumbling along with the piano. I didn’t let that affect my singing and actually sang stronger. I sort of chuckled to myself as my baritone tenor voice echoed through the church. I loved it. I didn’t know the second song, and I didn’t have any sheet music so I sat silently as the piano played with no one singing. My twin brother said he liked listening to me sing and forgot I sang in the choir. He was among many who were disappointed I didn’t know the second song.


Grandma had one final request and that was that all of the grandchildren were pall barer. Myself, Nate, Johna, Matt, Rita, Chadd and Ross were all able to fulfill her dying request. Kendall and Kurt were unable to make it to the funeral. Kendall is an Emergency Department physician and couldn’t leave and Kurt lives in California and could not get a flight due to Christmas travelers.


After standing in the freezing snow for about 30 minutes the grave site burial was over. The casket didn’t go into the ground while we were there. There was probably about 50 people that showed up that cold day. The family all made their way into town, Paxton, the closest town to the farm where Grandma and her daughters spent many years of their lives. We convened at a restaurant called Ole’s, which had been there for generations.


Mom or someone had called ahead and informed the restaurant that the funeral was that day and the family would be coming for a last meal together. They had the back banquet room set up for us. Naturally most families sat with each other. For many it was the first time seeing all these people and wondering how are we all related. We had one common thread and that was Grandma. I wondered if this now large group of family members would ever get together again. Perhaps I could put something together in a couple of years. I’m pretty good at arranging events.


It was a very quick trip. Funerals are a sad but memorable event especially for those who live on. Grandma was 91 years of age. She would have been 92 this month. Her last years of life were painful and made a mockery of her very much alive mind. Her body failed like millions of people. Eventually she just closed her eyes and her last breath of air slowly left her dying body. I give thanks that she is finally free from a prison without walls. As the Asian Angel Author I know (not think), KNOW that what she is experiencing now is far better than her best day on earth. She has come home.


Lucille Gilster
January 31, 1923 — December 23, 2014
Her obituary from the Kearney Hub. Click here.


11.18.14 – The World is Ready To Believe

Did you know I have been a writer my whole life? There are tons of pieces that were written that were never published. Short stories I shared with friends and family. Nothing that was really good or really even that interesting. Like a lot of writers out there I just poured my thoughts, ideas and words onto paper. Back in the day I used to actually write, with pen and paper. Now it is all computers and typing. Can you imagine if you didn’t know how to type? Life all of the sudden became so much harder. I am a super fast typist. Last time I was tested it was like 75-85 words per minute.  I use a natural ergonomic keyboard and I type by thought, not even thinking of the word, as my fingers automatically find the keys, just like when shifting in my car. I just know where 2nd gear is without thinking of it.  My keyboard actually has all lot of the letters worn off. When I worked in retail and people would see me typing they would just be amazed. I can type as fast as most people talk. Pretty cool huh?


As you may know, this is my personal blog. I have so many blogs but this is the one that consistently has stayed with me through the years. In fact, years ago an angel told me to copy all my blogs from MySpace and to put them somewhere safe. I wasn’t a webmaster really back then, just dabbling here and there, so I put them in a Microsoft Word file and then eventually put them all into a blog on  For a blogging platform it was pretty decent. Later after I taught myself WordPress I created this blog and imported all the posts. It took a really long time, but now they are categorized by topic and most of them look pretty decent. I really like the layout and design of this theme as it gives a lot of creativity and “coolness” factor. It’s not a scrolling parallax site like my normal style of websites. I try to stay away from reading my own blog (this one especially) as I can get lost in my own writings and hours will pass by.


This blog really was sort of a catch all of any writing that didn’t fit on a business type of blog. For instance is my public figure site/blog, where as Angel.Academy is just for the book.  I also have a different following on this blog. There are a ton of old MySpace friends who follow this blog and maybe some of the others. I sort of like to think of this as my “feel good” blog; where I can go for inspiration, maybe a little spiritual pick me up, or just reminded that I am loved. As silly as it may sound, we all KNOW we are loved by someone, hopefully. However it is not every day that everyone actually hears it. There is a harmonic vibration that sets a ripple effect into the Universe every time someone says “I Love You” out loud. Yes seriously.


You will find with this blog I tend to write a lot, more so than my other blogs. Why? I guess there is no specific purpose other than just writing, sharing, telling. If you are looking from the outside — in, it might be difficult to keep up with all the platforms that I use on a daily or weekly basis. Sometimes even “I” get lost navigating all the sites.  If anything this would be more of a journal type of blog, just documenting some of the things that are going on so I can later look at them, and let’s face it, my fans want to know what is going on also.


If you just tuned in lately, I wrote a book. It has consumed my life since it began in June. It was written in 25 days and it is a kids book on a fiction world on angels. Pretty much sums it up. What makes my story so different is I tapped into my M.B.A. and marketing background and went “all in” in this adventure. As of this morning I have 150k fans worldwide. I have spent vast amounts of capital funding this venture with the hopes and promise of a big paycheck at the end and for the rest of my life. Well, when you put it that way, why not spend all my savings, cash out my investments, close my IRA’s, 401(k)s and anything else I can get my hands on? When that is gone, I still have dozens of credit cards with obscene credit limits.  You don’t the kind of success results without spending a lot of money.


My new favorite saying “T.M.A.I.” It means throw money at it. Not everyone can do that, but if you can, by all means do it. It works. Advertise every opportunity. If it is less than a hundred bucks, absolutely do it whatever it is. So a few hundred bucks here and there peppered a few dozen times, it makes an impact.  Not everyone has that luxury or credit card to do that. Keep in mind that I am already a successful businessman who has made a lot of smart choices along the way.


The whole book process has been an amazing story in itself. I really need to sit down and journal that all out. I imagine I’ll be discussing it on a stage in front of a live audience at some point, so having it down on paper (or online) might be a good idea. So next week is the book launch, a week from today. I’m pretty excited about it. I am nervous that it is being held in such a small establishment. On the plus side, my friends and supporters that will be there will make it seem a lot busier that normal. Big crowds for events is a good thing. I can already see a line in front of the cute white picket fence.


If you are in the Denver area you should stop by. It’s a new little children’s book store called “Second Star To The Right.”  Something about the name just resonates with me. Plus I support small business, hopefully you do too. Thanks guys, love ya!

Cold Calling #telemarketing

Here’s how I get results when I cold call. (Oh how I love telemarketing)


“Hi, this is Aaron M. Stephens, the international best selling author of Angel Academy with over a hundred thousand fans worldwide. Would you like to entertain the idea of having a small percentage of those fans in your establishment for a book signing? I can sell directly to you bypassing my distributors, Ingram, Baker & Taylor providing you huge margins with my wholesale book discount. I only give them a 45% discount, I can give you 60% discount, no minimum and of course all my books are returnable.”


Big words for an author eh? All they hear is “I can give you money from my fans. More money with your discount. I won’t get screwed over by you with books that might not sell.”




“Hi, this is Aaron M. Stephens and I wrote an award worthy children’s masterpiece in 25 days about a magical imaginary world of angels. My goal is to tell children all over the world that God does love them very much, and angels are watching over them. Do you think this is something your store/chain would want to carry as a book? The title is Angel Academy. Already I have over 1000 pre-orders, the book comes out next month. I am in the top 20 for children’s religious fiction on Amazon. This is my first novel.”


This is what they hear: “My amazing book is new, hot, fresh, never been written before and YOU are a Christian I can tell by gasping of air. You had an angel experience and we were meant to work together.” Okay, maybe not quite like that, but that is what I am thinking back at them. My superpower can project thoughts into people’s minds.


So if you’re an author or soon to be author, this is a very helpful sales strategy you can implement. Amazingly I haven’t seen anything for authors/writers on cold calling, selling, scripts or anything. So, here is one of many cool ideas for my friends/fans. Just make some phone calls. I like to talk, but I also like to write.

Less than 2 Months

Just 2 months and the book launches internationally through, Angel.Academy,, and in the U.S. at any Barnes & Noble retail outlet.

I strategically set the launch date for the paperback to happen before Black Friday and after everyone has made the mortgage or rent payment.


When publishing with a traditional publisher, THEY set the date of what and when it will happen. Usually it is hardbound (most expensive), six months later, paperback (somewhat cheaper), and then another six months later e-Book. Why? Because they only want to maximize profits.

I call B.S. I am launching paperback and eBooks at the same time. $19.95 or $9.95, your choice. If you purchase paperback through on launch day, forward your receipt to and I’ll send you a free eBook of your choice. Amazon Kindle, iBook, Nook, Kobo, or Adobe pdf.


Exclusively for Christmas I am releasing a special edition leather hardbound, signed by me for $99.99.  There will only be 100,000 produced, and 10,000 of those will be sold immediately to American Express for their Centurion members. I have been a member for 20 years and I currently have their Platinum card. They produce a magazine called Departures that I am sending a galley copy along with the terms for AmEx if they should decide they want some exclusive copies.


I know some people are thinking that is pretty optimistic thinking/goals. I, however, know very well how their concierge program works and I know for a fact they have over 250,000 Centurion/Black card members, whom $99 is nothing to them, but having a signed exclusive hardbound copy that is hard to get is. It is very possible I may allocate a larger portion to them, we’ll see if they invite me to their Centurion program. It’s pretty exclusive.


As of now, there are no other plans to sell any hardbound books, and it will be available in paperback, eBook and the special edition for Christmas. I have saved a few dozen copies for friends and family as gifts this year. Yes, it’s going to be a VERY Merry Christmas this year for a lot of people!


Cheers!  If you’re a fan of my blog and you read this and you want me to reserve a limited edition for you, drop me a note. The official website for the book is: and the


If you haven’t liked either of my fan pages, you can do so on the right hand side of the page. At almost 70,000 fans 2 months prior to launch, there is no question that this is going to be an international best seller!

Angel Academy Book 1

The other day it dawned on me that I have not been writing in my blog.  I apologize to my readers, and I want to share that I have been writing a children’s book. It’s called “Angel Academy” and it has been taking up all my time.


It is currently in the edit stage, round 3 and will publish 11.18.14.


If you would like to see the new site for the book you can go to the new site: 


If you register you can get access to the first chapter.  I probably won’t be writing a lot on the blogs for awhile as I am focused entirely on the new book launch.  I am excited to report in the first 36 hours of establishing the Facebook page we have over 600 likes. That is pretty amazing considering I never got over 100 for my website,


Follow me on Twitter and like the Facebook Page!

You're an Angel

I’m not really sure why,  but Angels have been on my mind. Yes, the kind that are in a biblical sense, with wings and halos. So this week I was prompted to pick up a book that I’ve had in the house for probably a decade. It actually was not my book but it was a friend’s book and for some reason I would pick it up and read a few chapters in and put down and walk away. Something told me to continue to want to read this book and so many times I dismissed it for something else that was more important to do. The book was written by a psychic medium who has the gift to see and hear spiritual entities who have passed on. It’s a great little collection of stories and many of the stories will put you into your to tears about the tragic and sometimes horrific tragedies that happen.


A lot of the things that I read in the book, are things that are already knew. I did discover some new and interesting information. As I suspected many people who pass over and go to heaven continually look for angels with wings and halos.  I personally believe that what many people encounter more experience as an angel event is actually the throat chakra opening, allowing the individual to see auras. The thing with what is called an angel, many people misinterpret the angel or energy wings as an energy field it is usually cast wide and large.


It’s actually kind of funny, now that I think about my past and how many times I have had someone either close or distant tell me that they thought I was an angel. Perhaps it is my do-gooder nature, or  the innocent of my being, but whatever it is, there are some people who can actually see the light that burns brightly in my heart chakra. Children and animals are always attracted to the light. Just this week my new employer told me that she thought I was an angel. She had some difficulty with prior developers, no big surprise, and is completely amazed by the speed and level of competency that I have. I thought about that for a little while, and went into meditation and asked my spiritual guides if it was possible that one of my guide is one of her guides. Of course the answer was an obvious yes that is correct.


Every day I sit in countless hours of silent meditation, pondering and contemplating the many aspects of this thing we call life.; often times engaging in conversations with my invisible guides. It’s sort of helps knowing you are talking out your problem your “imaginary friends”, that there can actually be some results that transpire because of it. One of the really cool things I learned in this book, “Talking with Heaven”, is that your guides, many times is actually a loved one who has passed on, and he/she will continue to provide you with gifts. Some of these gifts may materialize as actual monetary words such as money or other times it might be something simple as providing a beautiful day of sunshine and happiness on your special day. Or maybe it’s that “lucky break” meeting the right person at the right time. I used always believed that there was no such thing as a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, even if you don’t understand it at the time.


While I am eternally grateful for the wonderful family that adopted me when I was orphaned with my twin brother, I am forever grateful that the beings I call “Mom & Dad” who loved me so much, to give me to a loving family before they were killed.  It wasn’t really until recently that I gave much thought to the guidance and “lucky breaks” came from Mom & Dad.  Seriously, that 3rd DUI pullover was really testing their powers. Have you ever heard of someone getting out of 3 DUI’s?  Yep, that’s me. I have come to find that it really does help when you shout out loud “A little help here please?” does actually work.  Crazy as it sounds, every time I am searching for a parking place I chant out “Holy Mother full of grace, help me find my parking space.” Guess what? It always works. Otherwise I would still be driving around right?  By the way, my Mom taught me that one.


So after sitting in meditation for the past few days I have come to realize, from my perspective having an individual call me an angel as one of the biggest compliment I could possibly receive. For in my mind, an angel is a highly spiritual being, brought to this universe to help, aid, guide, and heal the world. There are many ways that we can heal the world, and having a positive outlook and attitude on how you can directly impact it for the better is one way.


I have decided I am definitely an “Earth Angel”. I’ve been called that my whole life, it’s about time that I started acting on it.  Btw, the new movie “Heaven is for real” opens today in select cities.  Yes, Denver is one of them.  There is a NY Times best seller that was rewritten for the movie, adding an additional 50 pages. You can download it from Amazon for your Kindle.  I am going to see it this afternoon.  Expect a movie review in the very near future.

Your PC has recovered from a FATAL error. #pcsucks

Do you remember back in the day when you actually shut your computer off every time after you used it? Yeah, me too. Before there was “power saving mode” and power management, you turned it off, just like you did your television.  As someone who worked at Best Buy for 7 years, I happen to know for a fact that an electronic device only has so many hours of life before it will no longer function. It’s just a fact of life. So why is it we have all been programmed to think it is okay to leave our computers powered on 24/7?  I blame Microsoft and their Windows product. A computer is NOT a refrigerator that needs to keep once living products edible.


I don’t know about you but I have been living the last 20 years of my life fighting with computers.  Do you know I have half a dozen computers that are broken but still work. Do you  have that nagging screen to fix something or a file is missing? You click okay, and then it goes away. Computer seems to work, you can open your files and get on the internet.  Hmm, oh well, and you let it go, … until the next time your computer locks up and you have to reboot.  If this doesn’t sound familiar or a deja vu for you, then bare with me as this is what happens to me on a daily basis.  I went and bought a Windows 8 machine, and I have to say I hate that too.  Granted, it wasn’t the fastest machine out there, but I should be able to have several windows open, playing music, and not have to see that hateful spinning circle telling you that your pc is once again, too slow for you.  I blame Microsoft. Why does my computer have to run an operating system that is constantly dragging ass?

So the other day I am working on like, 4 different websites, I have Photoshop open and probably 20 windows.  I get a call, I have to leave and when I come back, all my work has been lost, my windows closed and I have the hateful message “Your computer has recovered from a fatal error.”  It never dawns on me that maybe that little nagging message that is always pestering me, MIGHT have had an impact on what was going on with my computer.


At that point you really have nothing to do but move on. Whatever I created I can recreate;  just not on that hateful machine.  At some point I figured out that what I do nowadays doesn’t require a Microsoft product, I use a browser for most of my work.  I wish I could say that my Apple experiences were wonderful, but remember, I worked for Best Buy and then for 4 years worked for AT&T, when they were the exclusive carrier for the iPhone.   I have seen a ton of busted up broken Apple products, including my own iPhone, iPad, and original iPod.


I really didn’t need another laptop at this point.  It has been a decade since I owned a desktop.  I do sit at a desk. Sometimes I sit on a couch.  I decided for what I do on a computer a reliable Mac product would be a good choice. I did a lot of research and Mac computers consistently get high reviews. My first thoughts were that Mac were expensive, but that was when I was looking at their cool sexy laptops.  What I found is the Mac Mini, a low end Mac is still more powerful than some of the high end PC’s.  Best Buy has the Mac Mini on sale, $50 off.  It was almost $600 with tax. It runs the same operating system as the high end Macs. The only thing is you bring your own keyboard, monitor and mouse, saving you hundreds.  The Mini has an HDMI port so I actually was able to steal away a 24″ 1080 LED tv from the bedroom and use it as my new monitor. My Microsoft keyboard did not work during setup and I had to find an old Dell keyboard and mouse to get it going. Once it got past that setup screen I was able to plug in my Microsoft Natural keyboard and Logitech trackball in the USB 3.0 ports in back. There are a few things that are different, such as the mouse button scrolls backwards now. That can really screw with you. The normal magic Apple mouse doesn’t have a scroll wheel at all. It didn’t come with a dvd burner, but I have a portable one for my netbooks.  However, I have over 100 gig on that I can access with the Mac, so that is a really nifty alternative. is still having their $1700 worth of software on sale for $20. Quite the deal.  My two network printers connected like a charm. I love that there is no power brick, just a thin small cord. It’s very sleek and compared to having to share desk space with a laptop, this gives my desk a very clean look.

Overall I am pretty happy with this machine.  Work paid for it.  Nice. Oh wait, I work for myself.  But my business credit card paid for it. Big difference. For the small amount of money, I figured if I didn’t like it I wasn’t out too much. It’s not like I bought the $6,000 machine.  Something like that would be a little overkill.  That’s like buying the Ferrari to drive to the grocery store once a week.  Do you need it? No, but it sure would be nice.  Nice to have’s are not need to haves.  Back in the days when I was in my 20’s I went through the “need it or want it” phase.  It was really helpful when you had an impulse purchase staring at you in the face and your emotions start to take over.  I banned myself from malls for years.  Credit cards are for emergencies, like your dog being hit by a car and requiring expensive surgery.  Having the latest and greatest Mac products, not so much an emergency.

Today is the BEST day of my life! #GodisGreat

Yes, I have said it once and I will say it again. “Today is the best day of my life.”  Last week I started out my day announcing to the Universe that it was the best day. It hadn’t really started yet, but I decided it was a great way to start the day and such a powerful affirmation to the Universe certainly would have positive results. I really think it has something to do with sending out those positive vibrations, knowing that it will have a ripple effect.


It’s kind of amazing the responses you get when you tell people it’s the best day ever. First off, they want to know WHY is it so great, and what is so special about today versus any other day?  I personally like to start by counting my blessings, usually with the first thing that is on my mind.  I am always so grateful for perfect health.  That is something everyone can have if they choose correctly. Some people might argue that they didn’t choose a life threatening disease, like Cancer.  They say this as I watch them guzzle things like high fructose corn syrup and aspartame.  Yeah, God made that, it’s perfectly healthy for you.  Poison is poison. #NO2GMO


You know it’s not uncommon at all for people to live a life of self deprecating misery.  Their negativity and thoughts create a harsh reality. “I’m tired. I’m poor. I’m sick.” Did those people ever once jump out of bed and say “GOOD MORNING GOD!” I bet not.  How about this one, “God, I love you. Thank you for always being there for me, and always being such a great listener.”


So I have been trying this whole new affirmation thing every day, for about a week now. So far, things have just been terrific. I love living a life of no stress or worry. Pain free, … because I choose so.  You know, the body has the power to heal itself, physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.


So I challenge you, to start your day off with the best possible affirmation you can and just see what happens. Repeat daily until you believe it.